Something Old, Something New...The Art of the Adaptation

Room: Darwin D06
Time: Saturday 5:00pm

037 - (T)

with Deborah Moggach, Marcy Kahan, and Hugh Stoddart
moderated by Guy Rowland

Something Old, Something New...The Art of the Adaptation image

Adaptations can be a tricky business.  Whether it’s a book to script, ‘based on a true story’, ‘inspired by’ or a ‘written by’ project, guaranteed that none of these scenarios will be straight forward.

What are the specific pitfalls and perils of adapting a book, comic book, life story, or pre-existing movie or television show? In this session, Deborah Moggach – who has both adapted (Pride & Prejudice) and been adapted (The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel), Marcy Kahan (War and Peace, The Wizard of Oz) and Hugh Stoddart (To the Lighthouse, We Think the World of You) will discuss their own experiences in:

  • Establishing and maintaining a relationship with the original writer (or the estate of)
  • Life rights and how to acquire them
  • Public domain – adapting the classics
  • You’ve got the rights, dotted the t’s and crossed the i’s – what next?
  • What to cut and what to keep.
  • What are the common mistakes and tricks of the trade that you should learn now?

Come to this essential session to learn shortcuts, tricks and strategies that could save you valuable time and potentially much stress and heartache before you disappear down the rabbit hole of your own adaptation project.

Appearing in this session

Deborah Moggach

Deborah Moggach – Novelist & Screenwriter

Credits include: Pride & Prejudice, Tulip Fever

Deborah has written 20 novels, 5 of which she adapted for TV and was BAFTA nominated for Pride and Prejudice, starring Keira Knightley.
Deborah Moggach
Hugh Stoddart

Hugh Stoddart – Screenwriter

Credits include: We Think the World of You, Remembrance

Hugh’s first film Begging the Ring won the Grierson Award and was screened by the BBC, beginning a long career as a screenwriter.
Hugh Stoddart
Marcy Kahan

Marcy Kahan – Screenwriter & Playwright

Credits include: War and Peace, The Wizard of Oz, Antonia & Jane

Marcy Kahan is an award-winning radio and theatre playwright and screenwriter.
Marcy Kahan
Guy Rowland

Guy Rowland – Screenwriter

Credits include Sam Jackson's Secret Video Diary

Screenwriter, composer and sound designer with a passion for storytelling in all of those forms.
Guy Rowland