The Elevator Pitch

Time: Sunday 1:00pm

Venue: Tuke Elevator - Ground Floor

The Elevator Pitch image

The idea is simple… the elevator doors open, you step inside, only to find yourself alone with a top executive… You have 90 seconds to get them to accept your business card!

This micro workshop, based on the popular myth of writers meeting execs in elevators, is a great opportunity to try out you fabulous 90 second pitch. You might get an invite to submit your work, you might not… but you will certainly get an experience you won’t forget soon!

The session runs on a first come first served basis, and you will only find out who is in the elevator when you step inside.

Feel the fear…. And do it anyway!

The Elevator Pitch was the best shot of adrenaline I’ve had in years – the perfect legal high."

Diana Rampton, Writer, Filmmaker

Diana Rampton, Writer, Filmmaker