The Middle: Mastering The Midpoint

Room: Tuke Hall
Time: Saturday 3:30pm

034 - (T)

with Ted Wilkes

The Middle: Mastering The Midpoint image

Following on from the first ten pages, beyond the inciting incident of plot point one, through act and into the Mid Point.

Exploring, expanding and deepening mastery of the ‘keystone’ scene of any narrative – the midpoint. And how you can leverage the midpoint in your story to reveal what your story is REALLY about. 

Philip and Ted will also show how a rarely discussed writing approach, starting at the midpoint and writing outward in both directions, can be a powerful way to develop your story, characters, themes and subplot.

Appearing in this session

Ted Wilkes

Ted Wilkes – Screenwriter, Educator

Co-author of The Beginning, The Middle & The End (available soon)

Ted teaches Screenwriting and Digital Media at Regent's University and is currently developing a TV series with producer Nick Agha.
Ted Wilkes