The Primary Colours of Story 2: Character

Room: Herringham H201
Time: Saturday 2:00pm

with David Baboulene, PhD

The Primary Colours of Story 2: Character image

In this session, you will learn

  • How to identify and use the subtext inherent in your characters
  • How, in the best stories, character and plot become one and the same thing
  • How to use the five unavoidable elements of character
  • How to properly understand and generate meaningful conflict

We will then sit down with your characters, grab them by the lapels, shine a light in their faces and ask them the six questions every writer should ask of each one of their characters.

Using clips and examples as diverse as Back to the Future, Hemingway and numerous wonderful short films, David will give you a simple, intuitive and advanced understanding of story.

Appearing in this session

David Baboulene, PhD

David Baboulene, PhD – Narrative Theorist, Story Consultant

Credits include Story Theory

David's research into narrative theory has demonstrated how the power of every story lies in the way it resonates with the human mind.
David Baboulene, PhD