The Primary Colours of Story 3: The Role of the Audience

Room: Tuke Hall
Time: Sunday 9:00am

with David Baboulene, PhD

The Primary Colours of Story 3: The Role of the Audience image

If you do your job well, the audience becomes a co-producer on the project as your story transforms into meaning in their mind. This session will reveal the story dynamics that use
the audience’s mental reflexes to generate grip and engagement.

If you show some Shakespeare to a two-year-old, they will not get the same story that you do. The narrative is identical for both of you, but the two-year-old sees a different story.

Authors think they write stories, but they don’t; they create narratives with knowledge gaps. It is the audience that builds the story for themselves, in their minds. This process is called ‘storification’ – and it is the most powerful and important dynamic in all of story.

The role of the audience.

In this session, you will learn the storytelling mechanisms that press audiences’ buttons so they get busy. They take ownership. They become co-producers on your project. And they love it.

Using clips and examples as diverse as Back to the Future, Hemingway and numerous wonderful short films, David will give you a simple, intuitive and advanced understanding of story.

Appearing in this session

David Baboulene, PhD

David Baboulene, PhD – Narrative Theorist, Story Consultant

Credits include Story Theory

David's research into narrative theory has demonstrated how the power of every story lies in the way it resonates with the human mind.
David Baboulene, PhD