The Primary Colours of Story: Character Contrasts

Room: Script Angel Cinema
Time: Sunday 2:00pm

053 - (T)

with David Baboulene, PhD

The Primary Colours of Story: Character Contrasts image

Without character, you have no story. In this session, David Baboulene discusses the primary colours of character…

  • Motivation
  • Morality
  • The critical role of subtext
  • Character arcs and growth

…and getting in touch with the all-important darker shades through conflict and antagonism.

Feedback from David’s previous seminars

“David Baboulene is truly a master when it comes to the science behind storytelling.”
Craig Hinde, Producer/Director

“David’s approach to story really gets under the bonnet of your specific narrative, rather than relying on tired old structural dictates. Highly recommended!”
Alex Marx, Scriptwriter

“We cannot recommend David Baboulene highly enough. His insights and expertise on story creation have been invaluable, helping us get the script of ‘Hallo Joe’ to the point where we’ve sold the option and look forward to full production”
Mark Halliley & Perry Schaffer, Scriptwriters

Appearing in this session

David Baboulene, PhD

David Baboulene, PhD – Narrative Theorist, Story Consultant

Credits include Story Theory

David's research into narrative theory has demonstrated how the power of every story lies in the way it resonates with the human mind.
David Baboulene, PhD