1600 The Protagonist's Journey: Keys to Character-Driven Storytelling with Scott Myers

Room: Online
Time: Sunday 4:00pm

with Scott Myers

1600 The Protagonist

Character drives plot. When a writer engages their characters, they start a process which naturally leads to the story’s structure and everything else that makes for a well-written narrative. Based on this principle, Scott Myers will walk you through the fascinating world of character-driven screenwriting.

Exploring the protagonist’s journey and their “unity arc,” Scott will help our scripts improve by examining how a family of characters surrounds the protagonist and influences their transformation process.

This session is a must for writers of all experience levels and career ambition. Scott is never one to be missed, and this session is no exception.

Appearing in this session

Scott Myers

Scott Myers – Screenwriter, Producer, Educator

Credits include K-9 with Jim Belushi and Trojan War with Jennifer Love Hewitt

Scott is head honcho and scribe at Go Into The Story, official screenwriting blog for the Black List.
Scott Myers