The Scriptwriter's Survival Workshop

Time: Friday 6:30pm

(T & H)

with Danny Stack and Tim Clague

The Scriptwriter

You may be getting better at writing – but are you getting better at being a working writer who can finally give up the day job? This session is going to break down practical and proactive techniques to help you get started, and show you how to maintain a career once you’re up and running.

Tim and Danny have been jobbing writers for many years and have hosted the UK Scriptwriters podcast for over 5 years (and co-written/directed their debut feature film this year: Who Killed Nelson Nutmeg?). They’re going to share all their hot tips and first hand experience (plus insights they’ve gained from other top writers) and tell you what it takes to be a working scriptwriter in the UK. It all ties in their newly launched book – The UK Scriptwriter’s Survival Handbook. Tim and Danny are going to flip a cliché and reinvent it: it’s not necessarily who you know, it’s what you know, and how you use it.

Topics covered will include:

– Starting out
– What writing opportunities exist RIGHT NOW
– Money and business
– Agents
– Getting proactive

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Appearing in this session

Tim Clague

Tim Clague – Screenwriter and games expert

Writer, blogger and master gamer

Tim Clague is a BAFTA nominated scriptwriter. His latest feature is the live-action family film Who Killed Nelson Nutmeg?
Tim Clague
Danny Stack

Danny Stack – Screenwriter

Credits include: Origin, Eastenders, Liquid Lunch

Screenwriter, script editor and filmmaker. His latest feature is the live-action family film Who Killed Nelson Nutmeg?
Danny Stack