5:00 The X-Files Script To Screen

Room: Online
Time: 5:00pm

with Frank Spotnitz

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X-Files writer Frank Spotnitz has chosen one of his favorite episodes, and now he’s going to watch it with us as we give “Memento Mori” the Script To Screen treatment. Pop some corn, settle in, and learn the truth (which is, as always, out there) in this essential episode.

“Memento Mori is season 4, episode 14 of The X-Files, and can be seen on Amazon Prime in the UK, by clicking HERE.

Appearing in this session

Frank Spotnitz

Frank Spotnitz – Screenwriter and Producer

Credits include: The X Files, Hunted, Millennium

Frank Spotnitz is an award-winning writer and producer best known for his work on The X-Files.
Frank Spotnitz