Time And Relative Dimensions In Sound – Writing 'Doctor Who' for Audio

Room: Script Angel Cinema
Time: Friday 5:00pm

018 - (T)

with Lisa Bowerman, John Dorney, Matt Fitton, and Joseph Lidster
moderated by Ingrid Oliver

Time And Relative Dimensions In Sound – Writing

Think audio drama is just for Radio 4? Think again!

Think Doctor Who was only brought back in 2005? Think again!

Meet the creators who have kept the adventures of every incarnation of the Doctor going since 1999. Get the lowdown on how they transformed a then-cancelled scifi TV show into a vast array of adventures for audio. Dive into the various spin-offs that have been created since, from Torchwood and UNIT to River Song and The War Doctor, as well as different cult franchises like Blakes 7, The Prisoner, and Dark Shadows (but not the iffy Johnny Depp version).

Discover how to write exciting, limitless ‘genre stories’ for audio, from sci-fi to horror, from comedy to romance, from the futuristic to the historical, audio drama can be anything.

Appearing in this session

Ingrid Oliver

Ingrid Oliver – Actor, Screenwriter & Director

Credits include: Doctor Who, Peep Show

Ingrid is best known as one half of the comic double act 'Watson & Oliver'. Or maybe as Osgood on 'Doctor Who'.
Ingrid Oliver
John Dorney

John Dorney – Writer

Credits include: Doctor Who, The Avengers, Survivors

John’s scripts have been produced on stage, radio and as audiobooks and he has won multiple international awards.
John Dorney
Joseph Lidster

Joseph Lidster – Screenwriter

Credits include: Torchwood, Wizards Vs. Aliens

Joseph has written scripts for radio and television, including episodes of Torchwood, The Sarah Jane Adventures, Wizards Vs Aliens and Hetty Feather.
Joseph Lidster
Lisa Bowerman

Lisa Bowerman – Audio Director & Actress

Credits include: Doctor Who, Casualty, Bernice Summerfield

Lisa is a prolific actress and audio director for among others Big Finish Productions.
Lisa Bowerman
Matt Fitton

Matt Fitton – Writer, Script Editor | Big Finish Productions

Credits include Doctor Who, The Omega Factor

Matt writes audio drama for Big Finish's Doctor Who range, including the continuing adventures of Paul McGann's Eighth Doctor.
Matt Fitton