Transmedia: Opportunities Online & Beyond

Room: D202/3

with Paul Irwin, Tim Clague, and Steve Ince
moderated by Lucy V Hay

Transmedia: Opportunities Online & Beyond image

Transmedia is one of the latest “buzzwords” in screenwriting, but what is it? And how can screenwriters utilise it for their projects?

Moderator Lucy V will be talking to three writers who’ve harnessed the power of transmedia for their own successful projects: Tim Clague (web series Mister Vista); Paul Irwin (interactive web series for teens Try Life) and Steve Ince (video game Broken Sword).

Taking in the notion of “multi platforms”, transmedia describes all the routes available for delivery of stories – the web, television, film, social media, mobile phones, novel tie-ins and more.

With projects getting sourced from the web in particular all the time, transmedia offers real opportunities for writers to get their projects made and seen. Yet many projects feel rushed or undersold, as writers spend too little time on preparation or engaging with their target audience.

Tim, Paul and Steve will be explaining the opportunities and challenges of transmedia on their own projects and discussing other such points as:

– Can transmedia bring about social change?
– The implications of interactivity and user response
– The benefits and opportunities from creating branching narrative.
– Translating branching narrative script into film production

… and much more!

If you’re serious about making your OWN opportunities and getting a project out there in the transmedia world, this is the session for you.