1400 to 1600 TV Pitch Clinic with John Yorke

Room: Final Draft Hall
Time: LondonSWF2024 2:00pm

with John Yorke
moderated by Bob Schultz

1400 to 1600 TV Pitch Clinic with John Yorke image

John Yorke’s STORY and his vast history in British television has given him the experience and talent to break pitches down and vastly improve them in no time flat. Delegates in this session will have 60 seconds to pitch their project to John, then he will critique the idea, the presentation, and the content of the pitch to make certain each person who pitches makes the most of their time and maximizes potential for their careers to thrive.

Appearing in this session

John Yorke

John Yorke – MD | Angel Station

Credits include: Wolf Hall, Shameless, Life On Mars, EastEnders

John is author of Into the Woods and a drama producer, consultant and lecturer on all forms of storytelling. He also executive produced Wolf Hall.
John Yorke
Bob Schultz

Bob Schultz – Writer, Producer, Presenter

Credits include: Below Zero, Hitlersaurus!, Knightfall, Advent

Writer, producer, screenwriting professor, co-founder of the Augmented Creativity Academy
Bob Schultz