Using Screenplay Style to Express YOUR Voice

Room: Herringham H201
Time: Sunday 12:00pm

with Scott Myers

Using Screenplay Style to Express YOUR Voice image

Each line of a script’s scene description offers a writer the opportunity to express their unique voice. How? Through the marriage of genre and style.

Scott Myers debunks the mythical screenwriting ‘rules’ surrounding scene descriptions and demonstrates the ways in which successful professional writers convey their voice through screenplay style. You will get to grips with these four ways in which the master screenwriters write screenplays that are simply unputdownable.

  • Narrative Voice
  • Imagematic Writing
  • Psychological Writing
  • Action Writing

Get a script reader’s attention by learning how to transform scene description into an expression of your own Narrative Voice.

Appearing in this session

Scott Myers

Scott Myers – Screenwriter, Producer, Educator

Credits include K-9 with Jim Belushi and Trojan War with Jennifer Love Hewitt

Scott is head honcho and scribe at Go Into The Story, official screenwriting blog for the Black List.
Scott Myers