We Will Read Your Script: The Script Surgery

with Charles Harris and Paul Bassett Davies

We Will Read Your Script: The Script Surgery image
Covid-19 Update: This page is now out of date and will be reviewed once we pass the pandemic. Thank you for your understanding.

Do you need an expert to offer concise, practical and immediately useful feedback on your screenplay or treatment?

If the answer is yes, then you should apply to be considered for the Euroscript Script Surgery.

How Does It Work?

You must have a ticket for the festival to use this service. The Story and Script Clinic is an opportunity for writers to get advice from our experienced script doctors about their stories, scripts, and ideas.

Successful applicants will be able to book one of our 50-minute appointments via the booking system when it goes live.

You can review the world class Script Doctors you can see at the festival HERE.

Submissions open on Date TBC and close on Date TBC. To submit your application you will need to upload:

  • A story outline of no more than two pages.
  • The first ten pages of a script (we can only assess the first ten pages).
  • (optional) Questions about the project or your writing.

We try to be flexible about these guidelines but please follow them as closely as possible.

We have limited time to read material in advance, and for the session itself, so think carefully about what you want to send.

The clinic is open for all three days of the festival.

This is a submissions ONLY process. Submissions open on Date TBC and close on Date TBC.

Successful applicants are announced on Date TBC after which they can book their slots with a reader.

We’ll Also be Operating a Drop-In Desk

The desk is manned by a duty script doctor who’ll be happy to talk to you about your work in an informal workshop with any other writers who may be using the service.

  • “If you can get to do this – do it. Best thing I’ve done by far at LSF.”
    Rachel Meaden, Screenwriter
  • 1040705945“This alone was worth the trip to LSF.”
    Faith Pennick, Screenwriter
  • 1039135648“Extremely helpful practical advice – expert insight into the structure of the screenplay.”
    Luke Harding, Screenwriter
  • 1040895885“Really nice feedback and tutor. I think it was just brilliant.”
    Gaile Garnelyte, Screenwriter
  • “Brilliant, detailed feedback – really helped me see next steps for script.”
    Lorren Boniface, Screenwriter
  • 1039401441“The tutor gave me concise, useful, intelligent feedback and was lovely … I thought it was perfect.”
    Joanna Gordon, Screenwriter
  • 798296295.bin“Helped me get to the core of my story. Make sure you do it again next year!”
    Rita Wheeler, Screenwriter


Appearing in this session

Charles Harris

Charles Harris – Filmmaker, Writer and Educator

Has helped countless writers for over fifteen years.

Writer-director, Charles Harris has won international awards for his films for TV and cinema.
Charles Harris
Paul Bassett Davies

Paul Bassett Davies – Writer

Credits include Spitting Image, Alas Smith and Jones, Rory Bremner, Magic Roundabout

Paul has written for and directed the biggest names in comedy. He's also creative director of The London Comedy Writers' Festival
Paul Bassett Davies