How to create binge TV watchers: Constructing and Interweaving multiple protagonist stories

Room: Tuke Hall
Time: Saturday 10:30am


with Linda Aronson

How to create binge TV watchers: Constructing and Interweaving multiple protagonist stories image

Many emerging writers set their sights on writing for TV, in particular, on devising and writing their own TV drama series. They assume, reasonably enough, that they can simply transfer the skills they’ve studied for film writing into TV.  Unfortunately, this isn’t so.  Some skills overlap, but writing for TV involves creative demands and restrictions that simply don’t occur in film, demands and restrictions that, from the outside, you’d never suspect.  TV is the home of the group story, of multiple protagonists and of multiple interwoven storylines, limited always by budget and the need to write to the minute. Now, with the new generation long form serials, writers have to create and interweave characters and storylines so rich and complex that they can hold an audience for literally years. As if this wasn’t hard enough, nonlinearity, fractured storytelling and flashbacks are now being used because they insert suspense and create binge viewing.

There are techniques to writing to the minute; to creating rich characters and rich interconnected long running interwoven storylines; to condensing stories to their essence; to incorporating nonlinearity and flashbacks to create suspense and, all in all,  learning to shine in a craft that keeps throwing problems at you. Linda Aronson’s expertise in nonlinear and multiplot multiple protagonist narrative grew from her long experience as a TV writer. In this session she shares the tricks of the trade.

Appearing in this session

Linda Aronson

Linda Aronson – Practitioner and screenwriter

Author of: The 21st-Century Screenplay

Linda Aronson returns to dazzle LSF delegates with her game changing explanations of how to construct non-linear and multiple storyline films.
Linda Aronson