Welcome to LSFIntensive... our new programme of small but powerful workshops

We don’t just run seminars, we inject rocket fuel into the hearts, minds and souls of people so that they can be fully and creatively self expressed.

Welcome to LSF Intensive…

Ealing Studios, you… seven writers, unlimited coffee and a world-class tutor

LSFIntensive is the next logical step for screenwriters who want to get more focused, intimate and intensive experience in specific areas of their craft, art and career.

  • Never more than eight in the group
  • Hyper targeted classes with clear and specific outcomes
  • World class and passionate trainers
  • Unlimited tea, coffee, biscuits and fruit
  • Based at Ealing Studios in West London
  • Access to kitchen and fridge to store food

In everything we do, we pay particular attention to…

  • Community – We are in this together and can and SHOULD support and help each other.
  • Value – We strive to keep the costs down on everything we do and offer.
  • Action – We don’t just run events, we want to create powerful outcomes through YOU taking action.
  • Inspiration – Buckle up!

Consider us your partners on your own creative journey.