4:00pm Building The Perfect World for YOUR Story

Room: Online
Time: 4:00pm


with Jeff Norton

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From Tatooine to Westeros, some settings wrap around the audience in a way that feels real.  Author and writer-producer Jeff Norton believes that, like character and story, a believable and immersive world is key to engaging audiences and suspending disbelief.

Norton takes an anthropological approach to world-building, creating a detailed  fictional universe by using the pillars that organize any society – such as economics, religion, geography, and history.

This session will inspire writers to create rich, fictional worlds that draw in audiences, and provide practical tools to build a world from the ground up.

Appearing in this session

Jeff Norton

Jeff Norton – Writer-Producer & Author

Credits include: MetaWars, Trucktown, Princess Ponies

Jeff is a writer-producer, and author of the award-winning thriller series MetaWars.
Jeff Norton