Write A Low-Budget Movie In 30 Days with Pat Higgins

Room: Online
Time: 8:00pm

with Pat Higgins

Write A Low-Budget Movie In 30 Days with Pat Higgins image

OK screenwriters, this MAY be the most important session of the festival.

Are you ready?

So… Once again online festival filmmaker Rockstar Pat Higgins is with us to guide us through a Screenwriting Challenge.

This time we REALLY mean business. You are going to write a low budget feature film that can be made in 2022. And it’s longer than thirty days, with training from conception, through first draft and rewrites. This is YOUR opportunity to get trained, coached by the community AND write something rapidly that can be produced now… not one day someday. Now.

Pat’s career has been built and has thrived on the principle of creating projects that are affordable, shootable, and fully in his voice.

Now, in our hybrid festival, let’s take control of our own destinies. This session will get you started. Then, at the live festival in London, Pat will give general career guidance and check in on your project. Finally, in the online portion of our festival, Pat will give you one final check in. Let’s get writing, Writers!

Appearing in this session

Pat Higgins

Pat Higgins – Writer, Director

Credits include TrashHouse, Hellbride, KillerKiller

After writing and directing three internationally distributed micro-budget horrors, Pat wrote the award-winning mockumentary, The Devil’s Music.
Pat Higgins