'In Treatment': Development Document Therapy!

Time: Friday 5:00pm


with Ludo Smolski

Back by popular demand, in this session Ludo Smolski will look at the development process and how to make the best of it, with particular reference to the multitude of documents that you might generate yourself, or be asked to write, to either develop the script or seek funding.

Treatments, Outlines, Beat Sheets, Scene Breakdowns, Synopsis, Step Outlines, Pitch docs…the list goes on and is often bewildering. But what are they for? Why should we use them? And what do they look like? In an ideal world we’d deal only in scripts. However writing these documents can be useful for some writers, especially in problem-solving, and are often essential to gain certain types of funding, so it pays to have this skill in your writing armoury.

This session was standing room only last year so make sure and get there early!


Appearing in this session

Ludo Smolski

Ludo Smolski – Development Consultant

Credits include: Filth, Leave To Remain

Ludo is a development consultant and script editor, and is a co-Tutor of the National Film & Television School's Postgraduate Diploma in Script Development.
Ludo Smolski