Write like a Pro Screenwriter Before You Turn Pro

Room: Final Draft Hall
Time: Saturday 5:00pm

with Scott Myers

Write like a Pro Screenwriter Before You Turn Pro image

The best way to prepare yourself for a career as a professional screenwriter is to approach the craft as if you already ARE a professional screenwriter. With over thirty commissioned film and TV writing projects to his credit, Scott Myers will clue you into twenty-plus tips and techniques he has picked up over the years – daily practices you can use right now to develop a professional approach to your craft including:

  • Stacking Projects
  • Character Development
  • Tracking the Trades
  • One-Page Per Day
  • Generating Story Concepts
  • Scene-By-Scene Breakdowns
  • Breaking Story

Prepare yourself for the life of a screenwriter by developing work habits you can carry forward into a pro career.

Appearing in this session

Scott Myers

Scott Myers – Screenwriter, Producer, Educator

Credits include K-9 with Jim Belushi and Trojan War with Jennifer Love Hewitt

Scott is head honcho and scribe at Go Into The Story, official screenwriting blog for the Black List.
Scott Myers