Writing for Games 9.0

Room: Script Angel Cinema
Time: Sunday 9:00am

045 - (T)

with Rhianna Pratchett, Caroline Marchal, and Jack Attridge
moderated by Martin Alltimes

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Gamer culture has taken on a life of its own. Not only is there a lot of money to be made in this burgeoning industry, but creatively, gaming opens new and exciting creative challenges.

Whether a writer is creating an interactive first-person adventure, or a broad MMPORG universe, non-linear storytelling will be in demand as video game technology continues its evolution from Pac-Man to Virtual Reality.

How does a writer in 2018 adjust his writing to be accessible to new, modern platforms? What’s coming next and how do you anticipate demand? What are the best-written video games now? Our panel of experts will get to the bottom of this complex and exciting topic.

Appearing in this session

Caroline Marchal

Caroline Marchal – Game Designer

Credits include: Heavy Rain, Beyond: Two Souls

Caroline is a narrative game designer with over 15 years of experience in the industry, passionnate about interactive storytelling.
Caroline Marchal
Jack Attridge

Jack Attridge – Co-Founder | Flavourworks

Credits include: ERICA

Using brand new in-house technology, Flavourworks aims to revolutionise the space between film and games.
Jack Attridge
Martin Alltimes

Martin Alltimes – CEO/Founder | The Imaginati Studio

Martin and Imaginati Studios are currently focused on creating games based on 'The Planet of Apes' franchise on console and PC.
Martin Alltimes
Rhianna Pratchett

Rhianna Pratchett – Games Writer & Developer

Credits include: Heavenly Sword, Tomb Raider

Rhianna is a sixteen-year veteran of the video games industry is one of the most respected writers and narrative designers in her field.
Rhianna Pratchett

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