Could Your First Paid Gig Be For Radio?

Room: Tuke Cinema
Time: Saturday 2:00pm

with Jonathan Ruffle, Jane Berthoud, and Danny Robins

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For writers, radio can be the most creative medium of all, as well as being the most accessible doorway into the broadcast world: hundreds of successful writers began in radio. And the unique way radio engages its audience enables the writer and the listener to collaborate in extraordinarily powerful imaginative experiences.

BBC radio has a huge output of drama and comedy and needs good writers all the time. Jeremy Howe and Jane Berthoud are responsible for commissioning BBC radio drama and comedy respectively. Come and hear them tell you what they’re looking for, alongside writer Danny Robins  and writer-producer Jonathan Ruffle who’ll reveal how they achieved success on radio, reaching audiences that are OFTEN BIGGER than those for some TV programmes.

Appearing in this session

Danny Robins

Danny Robins – Screenwriter & Broadcaster

Credits include: Young Dracula, We Are History

Danny created the hugely successful BAFTA and RTS Award winning BBC children’s series Young Dracula.
Danny Robins
Jane Berthoud

Jane Berthoud – Head of Radio Comedy BBC

Credits include: The News Quiz, Just A Minute

Jane makes around 160 hours of radio content each year, making it the single largest producer of comedy in the world.
Jane Berthoud
Jonathan Ruffle

Jonathan Ruffle – Writer & Producer

Credits include: Tommies, Never Mind The Buzzcocks

Jonathan created, writes and produces the a four-and-a-half year real-time drama - Tommies which airs on BBC Radio this autumn.
Jonathan Ruffle