Writing For Soaps with Joe Ainsworth

Room: Tuke Hall
Time: Friday 2:00pm

with Joe Ainsworth
moderated by KT Parker

Writing For Soaps with Joe Ainsworth image

Like a treasured heirloom, soaps are shared between generations of fans. On top of that, if you’re seeking a career writing television, the path runs straight through the soaps. Good world-building, character drama, pulpy deliciousness, and career advancement are all on tap as you break in. What’s it like in the room and how does a writer deliver for an audience who knows the characters better than their own families?

Appearing in this session

Joe Ainsworth

Joe Ainsworth – Screenwriter

Credits include: Brookside, Holby City and New Tricks.

BAFTA winner Joe is a veteran of recurring drama, writing for some of the most popular series on TV.
Joe Ainsworth
KT Parker

KT Parker – Screenwriter & Playwright

Credits include Jenna the Great and The Chamber of Beheaded Queens.

Giving a voice to women and marginalised groups one script at a time.
KT Parker