Writing for the Female Gaze Part III

Room: Tuke Hall
Time: Saturday 5:00pm

moderated by Maureen Hascoet

Writing for the Female Gaze Part III image

For the third straight London SWF, we bring this thought-provoking, mind-opening session to screenwriters. The Female Gaze returns. With some of the most groundbreaking and trailblazing wonder women in the industry, we continue the conversation that affects ALL of us.

Who are the women forging the path for female filmmakers, showrunners, producers and directors? Now that these first important steps have been taken, what does the future hold? What has the impact been of the concerted effort industry-wide to include women in positions of power, both on the executive side and on the creative side? And what can we ALL learn from their extraordinary journey?

In this session, you will…

  • Meet the women who are forging the path for others, and the challenges that target women specifically in the industry.
  • Benefit from the knowledge of creatives and executives who battle sexism and misogyny every day.
  • Develop strategies to help alleviate the problem on an individual and systemic level.

Screenwriting and filmmaking is a community, a culture all its own, and as such it suffers from many of the same flaws and challenges as any other culture. And as members of that culture, it behooves all of us to address those problems.

Continue this journey by attending this session and by getting involved in the conversation that involves ALL of us regardless of gender.

Appearing in this session

Maureen Hascoet

Maureen Hascoet – Producer, Director

Credits include 50 Kisses ('Enough' segment)

Maureen is an LSF team veteran. Based in Scotland, she runs her own production company, Firewalker Films, and is passionate about promoting gender equality and mental health. 
Maureen Hascoet