Writing Horror: Should You Take A Stab?

Room: Tuke Cinema

with Frazer Lee, Steven Sheil, Micho Rutare, and Signe Olynyk
moderated by Bob Schultz

Writing Horror: Should You Take A Stab? image

The UK has a rich history of Horror, from the literature of Bram Stoker’s DRACULA and its many incarnations on film and television, through to the iconic WICKER MAN and beyond, such as 28 DAYS LATER and COCKNEYS VS ZOMBIES.

The returns from Horror are great … *If* you get it right. Every year, hundreds of low budget Horror Films are made, yet languish in the can, unreleased. So how to go about it, with the best potential for success?

MUM AND DAD’S Steven Sheil is joined by PANIC BUTTON’s Frazer Lee and the Director of Development at The Asylum, Micho Rutare to discuss this fascinating genre, plus its opportunities and its pitfalls.