1030 to 1130 Writing Neo Noir and the Dark Thriller

Room: Script Angel Cinema
Time: LondonSWF2024 10:30am

with Ian Long

1030 to 1130 Writing Neo Noir and the Dark Thriller image

The Neo Noir or Dark Thriller shows us that our deepest nature ‐ and the larger world ‐ is murkier than we’d ever imagined. You need to know about it if you’re interested in writing that resists the easy certainty of happy endings and neat resolutions, and which suggests that human psychology and motivations are more twisted and disturbed than many will admit.

These tales often use flamboyant visual and narrative methods to express the self-damaging and dangerous sides of our nature and social commentary.

The session will unpack the ideas that make Neo Noir tick, and show how they can be applied to great new stories. It aims to draw out the experience of attendees to stimulate their future writing, and incorporates entertaining and inspiring clips to illustrate the important elements of the genre.

Appearing in this session

Ian Long

Ian Long – Screenwriter and Story Consultant

Credits include: Euroscript, UK Film Council, the First Film Foundation, The Script Factory

Ian Long is a writer, story consultant and teacher.
Ian Long