Getting a writing gig that lasts years: Writing Sit-Coms

Room: Final Draft Hall
Time: Sunday 3:30pm

with Pete Sinclair

Getting a writing gig that lasts years: Writing Sit-Coms image

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A successful sitcom is the holy grail for broadcasters. And for writers, too: creating a long-running show with classic characters puts you at the top table. But what exactly is a sitcom? It’s a very distinctive genre and a surprising number of writers don’t fully understand how it works. Here’s a chance to learn from the experts.

John Lloyd is a hugely influential figure in British comedy. He produced Blackadder, Spitting Image and Not The Nine ‘O Clock News. Enough said. Karol Griffiths has worked with big names on both sides of the Atlantic, including the Coen Brothers, Seth MacFarlane and Lynda La Plante.  Pete Sinclair co-wrote Jack Dee’s hit sitcom Lead Balloon.

Let them help you get it straight about sitcom: definitions, dynamics, golden rules (and when to break them) and how to get your sitcom to the screen.

Appearing in this session

Pete Sinclair

Pete Sinclair – Screenwriter

Credits include: Lead Balloon, Never Mind The Buzzcocks

Pete Sinclair has written for many of the most popular TV and Radio sit-coms and shows of recent years, including Lead Balloon.
Pete Sinclair