Writing strong, relatable and authentic LGBT stories and characters

Room: Final Draft Hall
Time: Sunday 5:00pm


with Rebecca Root and Ben A Williams
moderated by Gail Hackston

Writing strong, relatable and authentic LGBT stories and characters image

Good riddance to the days where it was acceptable to portray gay, lesbian, and trans characters as mincing caricatures or misunderstood murderers. Creating characters in the LGBT community requires a deft touch, respectful of the honest experience while recognizing the very notion of seeing the community as “other” is, in itself, dangerous.

In this necessary and insightful panel, writers who have made an impact writing authentic LGBT stories and characters will discuss:

    • The clichés that have plagued LGBT characters for generations, and how to avoid them.
    • The approach that has been taken by successful filmmakers and writers to build complete LGBT characters.
    • Why research and immersion is essential in winning over a sceptical and misrepresented audience.
    • The stories that serve the community (and the audience at large) the best.

For any writer, considering the feelings and experiences of their entire audience can only help serve them better. Seeing this informative and societally-aware panel will make you a better writer and a more informed citizen of the filmmaking community.

Appearing in this session

Ben A Williams

Ben A Williams – Director

Credits include: The Pass, Stonebridge

Ben's debut feature 'The Pass' was nominated for Outstanding Debut at the 2017 BAFTA Film Awards. 
Ben A Williams
Gail Hackston

Gail Hackston – Screenwriter, Director

Credits include 50 Kisses, Cancer Hair

Gail's short, Cancer Hair, won Best Fiction and Best of Fest at the Isle of Man Film Festival, and IMDb New Filmmaker of the Year at Bath Film Festival.
Gail Hackston
Rebecca Root

Rebecca Root – Actor

Credits incude: Boy Meets Girl, The Danish Girl

Rebecca is best known for playing Judy in BBC Two’s ground-breaking comedy series 'Boy Meets Girl'.
Rebecca Root