1200 Writing Telly for Kids

Room: Script Angel Cinema
Time: LondonSWF2024 12:00pm


with Catherine Williams and Johnny Smith

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We all have a story like this: A son, daughter, niece, or nephew wants to watch a show with us. They pop on the show – On Demand, maybe, or through a streaming service – and watch it again. And again. And yet again. What happens next is the clincher: Do the adults in the room tear their hair out, or do they laugh along with the kids?

Conversely, how do you avoid writing a story that is beloved by children, yet doesn’t “hold up” when revisited in adulthood? How do you make your story the next Harry Potter, appealing to children and the children in all of us?

Attend this eye opening session to learn how to:

  • Write stories that work on multiple levels for audiences in various age groups
  • Create enduring characters that inspire the young and leave adults with a renewed sense of wonder.
  • Craft stories that “hold up” from generation to generation.
  • Address the universal experiences of adolescents and teens while maintaining satisfying specifics.

When you are creating a story that is both timely and timeless, both about childhood and effective for children and adults, it is a tight needle to thread, but advice of the experts on this panel will help your story get there through general advice and specific examples.

Appearing in this session

Catherine Williams

Catherine Williams – Screenwriter

Credits include: New Teletubbies, Topsy and Tim, Waffle the Wonder Dog, Chip and Potato

Catherine has over 15 years’ experience as series co-creator, writer, head writer and script editor on many BAFTA-winning children’s shows.
Catherine Williams
Johnny Smith

Johnny Smith – Writer

Credits include: Danger Mouse, Dragon Rider, Gnomeo & Juliet

Johnny has written for some classic British family fare: GNOMEO & JULIET, DRAGON RIDER, DANGER MOUSE, and MIKE BASSETT
Johnny Smith