Writing The 21st Century Sitcom

Room: Final Draft Hall
Time: Friday 2:00pm

008 - (T)

with Nat Saunders & James Serafinowicz, Sam Leifer, and Tom Basden
moderated by Karol Griffiths

Writing The 21st Century Sitcom image

We’ll look at the big picture of sitcom-writing, as well as the fine detail of why a script might not be working. We will take some of today’s hits apart by taking a scene, examining how it’s constructed, explore how the writers crafted the beats, and perhaps how filming then buggered everything up.  

We will also examine why some sitcoms work, where others don’t. Why do the hits appeal to their audience and why are they funny? Why do some hit comedies get revived, while others are relegated to endless repeats? Is it the concept? Is it the writing? Casting? Running time? Narrative arc? So many possibilities. 

Join us for what will be a fascinating in-depth examination of the journey from script to sit-com scene.

Appearing in this session

Karol Griffiths

Karol Griffiths – Script Editor, Supervisor

Credits include How I Met Your Mother, Friends; author of The Art of Script Editing

Karol Griffiths is a successful script editor, best-selling author and development consultant with over twenty years' experience in film and TV.
Karol Griffiths
Nat Saunders & James Serafinowicz

Nat Saunders & James Serafinowicz – Screenwriters

Credits include: Misery Bear, Big Train

Nat and James created Netflix comedy Sick Note and are Creative Directors at Stolen Picture, set up by Simon Pegg and Nick Frost.
Nat Saunders & James Serafinowicz
Sam Leifer

Sam Leifer – Screenwriter & Director

Credits include: Plebs, How Not To Live Your Life

Sam is the co-creator, writer and director of 'Plebs', the multi-award-winning Ancient Roman sitcom.
Sam Leifer
Tom Basden

Tom Basden – Screenwriter & Actor

Credits include: Plebs, Peep Show, Gap year

Tom is co-creator and co-writer of 'Plebs' and has written for some of the best comedy shows.
Tom Basden