Script Lab 6 (2012): Creating Drama Series with Ch4 Screenwriting Course leader Philip Shelley

Room: Acland Lounge

with Philip Shelley

Script Lab 6 (2012): Creating Drama Series with Ch4 Screenwriting Course leader Philip Shelley image

Love TV drama series? Want to create your own?

Philip Shelley, script consultant script editor producer and the man behind the prestigious Channel 4 screenwriting course, is looking for the next generation of television series writers.

New TV series – the hit shows than can run and run – shows like Casualty and Downton Abbey ­ – are the hardest shows to create. But they are gold-dust to broadcasters, who are all crying out for their own smash-hit drama series – flagship shows that can raise the profile of a whole channel and prove a ratings winner for series after series.

During this three hour lab at the festival six writers will develop their ideas for television drama series with one of the four mainstream broadcasters in mind: BBC, ITV, Sky and Channel 4. Participants will also read and give feedback on one another’s scripts and discuss what goes into making great TV drama series.

This is a fantastic opportunity to get expert advice on how to create a successful new drama (or comedy drama) series for television and not to be missed.

Like the sound of it? Here’s how to submit (please note, Script Labs are for LSF delegates only):

  1. 1 page pitch outline & first scene of first episode of that series of no more than 2 sides of A4 – ie maximum 3 pages total (please ensure your name is on each page/the title page and your documents are .doc, .docx and/or PDF – all other formats will be deleted)
  2. Send to with PHILIP SHELLEY LAB in the subject line and your LSF ticket number in the body of the email somewhere.

DEADLINE: October 12th. 5.00pm UK time

Good luck!

Appearing in this session

Philip Shelley

Philip Shelley – Channel Four Screenwriting Course and Script editor

Credits include: Waking The Dead, Medics

Writer, producer and script consultant Philip also runs the Channel Four Screenwriting course.
Philip Shelley