Writing With Authenticity with Dui Jarrod

Room: Online
Time: 8:00pm

with Dui Jarrod
moderated by Mai Davies

Writing With Authenticity with Dui Jarrod image

The biggest mistake writers can make is chasing trends, poorly mimicking someone they aren’t or misrepresenting themselves. Only through writing authentically – in terms of beliefs, emotion, and what really connects to YOU as a writer – can you find success. A great screenplay can only be grown from the authentic writer. Based on this philosophy, how do you access those inspirations that will make readers’ hearts soar?

Appearing in this session

Dui Jarrod

Dui Jarrod – Screenwriter, Director and Playwright

Dui Jarrod is a Day-time Emmy nominated & award-winning screenwriter, director, and playwright residing in Brooklyn, NY best known for BROOKLYN. BLUE. SKY.
Dui Jarrod
Mai Davies

Mai Davies – Moderator

Mai Davies is a journalist and broadcaster, a former news presenter for Sky News, BBC Radio 4, BBC Radio 5Live, BBC Radio Wales and ITV Politics.
Mai Davies