Writing With Purpose: How YOUR Work Can Change the World

Time: Saturday 9:00am

Writing With Purpose: How YOUR Work Can Change the World image

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What we do as screenwriters can often inspire hearts and minds, even change the world.  We do this by taking a stand for what we believe, by having the courage to tell the truth as we see it and by telling stories that we need to tell. If ever there was a reason to write, this is it.

By understanding the importance of story, and specifically story through the medium of film (and the comfort it provides during difficult times) we can bring hope, understanding and courage to millions.

  • Know your priorities as a writer, from outline to excellence
  • Identify and cultivate your writing passions and unique voice
  • Write more productively and with more focus

Americans spent more per capita on going to the movies during the Great Depression than at any other time in their history. These are tough and confusing times which is why it really matters to get your stories out there into the world. You can provide entertainment, diversion and sometimes even more – transcendence and understanding through what is arguably the most populist, accessible forms of art in human in history.

Films open worlds and hearts.