1400 to 1500 Your Agent & You

Room: Script Angel Cinema
Time: LondonSWF2024 2:00pm

with Julian Friedmann

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It is often said that if you really need an agent to get work, they don’t really need you. You become interesting once you start getting work. Every producer, every development exec, every agent probably has as many projects or clients as they should have. So how do you get to the stage that what you are offering is better than some of what is on their desk or in their iPad already?

Understand what an agent’s day or week is like. Put yourself in their shoes for an hour and then see if you measure up. It is tough out there, so this session will help you toughen yourself up to make that breakthrough, from what to use as a calling card script, to how best to approach agencies. Five agents will help you gain an edge.

Appearing in this session

Julian Friedmann

Julian Friedmann – Film, TV & Literary Agent

Staunch supporter of emerging talent

Julian has years of experience as a literary agent. He is also the founder of ScriptWriter magazine and author of How To Make Money Scriptwriting.
Julian Friedmann