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Films like Erin Brockovich, The Social Network and The Dallas Buyers’ Club, based on true-life stories, have been tremendously popular at the box-office. “Based on a true story” can provide a production company additional comfort to invest in a film, endow a film with an extra layer of credibility and act as an extra pull for an audience.

Many writers come across fascinating true-life stories they wish to adapt into a screenplay, but are put off for fear of being hauled into court. They wonder: For which characters do I need life-rights? Do I have to pay for them? If so, how much? What if there’s no hope the nemesis/antagonist will give me life-rights? How long after someone’s death can I write about them without “permission” from their estate? Can I use the names of real-life institutions — like companies, educational establishments, hospitals, etc. — in my screenplay? What about products? Are the rules for including a non-hazardous product, such as fruit juice, different to those for a hazardous one, like medicine?

If you have ever grappled with any of those questions, then this session with media lawyer Julian Wilkins is for you. Julian has over 30 years’ experience practicing in the area of media, entertainment and intellectual property law.

This “Meet the Lawyer” session will take place on Wednesday, August 11th at 8pm. Watch out for an email from us with the Zoom link. There will be a Q&A afterwards, so have your questions on writing characters and stories based on real-life people and events ready.

Appearing in this session

Julian Wilkins

Julian Wilkins – Lawyer

Editor of Blue Pencil Laws Of Creativity Magazine

Julian Wilkins is Editorial Director for Blue Pencil Media Limited and will be running the legal clinic at the festival
Julian Wilkins