SCRIPT CALL … Do you have a genre script?


Do you have a genre script, under 100 pages, suited to low budget production?

Next year I am planning to make a low budget feature film and I am inviting submissions. It’s time to get back on set!

The emphasis here is low budget and we ALL need to go into this with our eyes wide open. There will be rewrites, collaboration and plenty of compromise. Money will be in VERY short supply and where possible be spent on-screen.

I am looking for genre films with the exception of comedy. That’s not to say your script can’t be funny. Very funny even. It’s just not an outright comedy. I hope you can understand this distinction.

If your submission makes it past our first round, you MAY get a script report from us. The team at the London Screenwriters’ Festival is enrolled into this mammoth task.

We plan to share all our reports with the writers who advance for further consideration.

That said, this is NOT a promise to do so. And if I regret making this offer, for any reason, I will withdraw it.

We will also need a cracking one liner (logline) and synopsis / one pager from you. So have that ready BEFORE you submit.

Consider your title too, it’s our very first impression of your work.

What we are looking for…

  • Genre script (any, except comedy, but can include scripts that are funny)
  • 100 pages or fewer
  • Own 100% of copyright / IP
  • Limited characters and locations (i.e., designed for low budget)
  • Set in present-ish day (no period settings)
  • Submissions must be PDF (text)
  • Logline and short synopsis included
  • Your name and email on the cover sheet

Who we are looking for…

  • Writers who will collaborate on inevitable rewrites
  • Writers who want to stay involved in the entire process and support it
  • Writers who are fast and enjoy the script-to-screen process

Why? Opportunities…

So the money won’t be good. It may even be so little as to be near zero. If that’s the case, you will be standing alongside everyone else, including myself, not getting paid.

This is an opportunity for a writer who wants to go through the process of production, collaboration and even beyond into sales if they want. It’s an opportunity to learn by doing.

It’s also a credible opportunity to get produced.

I stress I am promising little more than a credit, the opportunity for experience (and where that could lead), to get produced and to inevitably make new relationships. Again eyes wide open here, as are mine.

OK so if you are buzzing at this opportunity you can start your submission process HERE…

Onwards and upwards!

Chris Jones
London Screenwriters Festival Founder

2 thoughts on “SCRIPT CALL … Do you have a genre script?”

  1. Steven W. Johnson says:

    Are points an option instead of payment?

    1. Chris Jones says:

      It will all come down to how we proceed. Right now we are just seeking a script for 2021 that we can make. Beyond that everything is wide open.

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