7 Day Script Competition: Write ALIEN 2 to be produced at LondonSWF

The best session we have EVER run at the Screenwriters Festival was the audio drama session with dirk Maggs. Dirk is at the top of his game, with decades of experience and so many HUGE projects under his belt.

And we are doing it again!

Can you write a four page script set in the Alien Universe?

If you can, do it now, submit it, and we will choose the best one to perform and produce LIVE in the session.

We will open the session by announcing the winner, then record it LIVE with the cast with Dirk Directing, then Mission: Impossible assistant editor Grace Couzins will edit and master it as we chat with Dirk, then at the end we will switch off the lights and listen to it live.

A world premiere in under 90 minutes.

So here is the brief from Dirk…

TITLE Crew Expendable

Slug: Two surviving crew members aboard a stricken space vehicle set to self destruct has to negotiate for their lives with a rogue AI while an alien stalks them.

This is a starting point, and you can modify it, but DO keep the basics. Two people, one male one female, both American accents.

You can have plenty of action but listen to some of Dirks previous Alien work and you will hear how he writes. As it’s audio only you need to be cunning with exposition. We will add tons of music and sound effects as needed too.

There is an archive of lots of Dirks work from the BBC here…https://archive.org/details/dirk-maggs-audio-dramas-FLAC

And if you have Audible, you can listen to his more recent stuff there.

Finally, you can read about the last one we did here and listen to the final edit…


Please adapt the slugline to your specific script too. And you can submit up to TWO scripts.

You need to have a pass to LSF to participate.

Chris Jones

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