Actors Table Read Successful Applicants

atr1If you made it into the final 100, congratulations as competition was stiff. We cannot wait to get your script into the hand of actors and a director. Zoe and the ATR team will be in touch about your slot soon, but you should know that all the ATR sessions will take place on Saturday and Sunday. Once again, huge congratulations! Share the love!

So the 2014 Selected Screenplays and Screenwriters are…

Nicky Crane by Edwina Tyrrell
Bozo by James Farrow
Archway by Ron Middleton
A Ghost in the Ghost Machine by Keith Storrier
In Dreams by David Hendon
Teddy Johnson by Lee Greenhough
STI: Sexually Transmitted Invaders by Jack Gregson
Glastonbury by Victoria Asare-Archer
Bad Acid by David Chaudoir
Paddle Up by Anna Forsyth
Indian Summer by Simon Preston
Vote Eternity by Simon Evans
The Mariner by Karen Kay
On the Rebound by Mark Juddery
Sarcophagus by Blanca Escoda Agusti
After the Storm by Sangeeta Bhargava
Luke and Sarah by Jaye Swift
Everyday Guy by Naomi Rossdeutscher
Public Places by Julia Batavia
There’s a Storm Coming by Stephen Ridley
Canary by Jane Evans
One Last Promise by Mike Campbell
Charming? by Jon Tilley
Joe and Katie are in a Relationship by Matt Redd
The Scarlett Pimpernel (Fort extract) by Helen Bang
The Lazarus Device by Steve Turnbull
See You in Honolulu by Cera Rose Pickering
Schumann by Carolyn Cameron
Arcadian by Dee Chilton
The Soldier and the Lamp by Janet Williams
Digging Deeper by Lee Crompton
White Gold by Rebecca Handley
The Italian Friend by Isabela Augustas
The Conscript by Christopher Marchant
Inventory by Brittany Kelly
A Muted Swan by Paul Skillen
In Plain Sight by Andrew Patton
Africa As You Like It by KT Parker
Sunshine After Rain by Gemma Parker
Hardboiled by John Suriano
The Prince by Paul Valnay
Royal by James Murphy
A Private Man by Rita Wheeler
Extreme by Rachel Smith
Humans Like Us by Bruno Catarino
The Silence by Aaron Gray
Flappers by Kristina Day
Get it to Go by Shaffique Jamal
Proof by Joanna Marie Fox
Let’s Talk About Sex by Sally Pitts
Honey Trap by Juhana Lumme
Our Father by Alex Davies
Lost Lion by Laura Koons
Playlist by Anna Whitaker
The Light Bearer by Anne-Cecile Ville
Jenny Ringo and the House of Fear by Chris Regan
Leverage by Danielle Wager
Collide by Jo Anna Finkelstein
The Wonder by George Johnson
Catseye by Simon Underwood
Cannes Cannes by Halida Abbaro
The Devil You Know by Mark Nicholl
Valentine by Stephanie Ginger
Body Parts by David Hitchcox
Rock Folly by Phil Lowe
Every Little Thing by Stephan Burn
Incarnate by Hannah Hooton
Star-Crossed by James Huntrods
The 74th Season by Carolyn Cameron
The Doneraile Conspiracy by Oisin Misteil
A Bitter Harvest by Eben Skilleter
Finding Muriel by John Lawrence
Candlemas Road by Charlotte Gajek
What Brings Us Together by John Lawrence
The Atlas Consequence by Jeremy Caine
Squids by Clare Macdonald
Angel F. E. by Amit Sen
One Night Only by David Young
Open and Shut by Heather Dunmore
Night Shadows by Cat Muir
Dead to the World by Tracey Parsons
Symphony Hills by Charles Philo
The Ersatz Man by Max Moore
Vincent Island by Amelia Fergusson
The Landlord by Niki Wakefield
London Particular by Liz Cooper
Nocturnal Animals by Aleksandra Rychlicka
The River by Carole Parsons
Haven by Susanna Ake
Desert Rain by Colleen Burns
Lemongrass by Jillian Moylan
Escort Boot Camp by Gary Sharp
Read by Nancy Eve Wolf
Chutney and the Chunnel by Ann Hawker
Gaming Room by Naomi Rossdeutscher
Forward by Kim Wheeler

Congratulations again!

Chris Jones
Creative Director