Announcing the LondonSWF Podcast: Episode One, Meet The Delegates Of LondonSWF


Welcome to the first podcast about The London Screenwriters’ Festival! Pitched last weekend by screenwriter Amy Livingstone and helmed by her, this is a deep dive into all things festivaly and screenwriting. In this episode, two delegates share their experience at the festival, with Amy Livingstone and festival founder Chris Jones.

The Power of Accessible Opportunities

Delegates highlighted the accessibility of the festival, emphasizing how it provided them with the opportunities they needed to grow and learn. The availability of actors, directors, and other talent at the festival was a pleasant surprise, showcasing the diverse range of industry professionals present.

Valuable Insights from Industry Experts

The festival sessions provided valuable insights, with delegates sharing their key takeaways from sessions on topics such as approaching agents, writing for specific genres, and the nuances of immersive audio drama. The practical advice and knowledge gained from these sessions left a lasting impact on the delegates.

Building Confidence and Networking

The festival played a crucial role in building confidence and overcoming fears, particularly in the context of pitching and networking. Delegates emphasized the importance of the festival’s community in fostering a supportive environment for writers to connect and grow.

Aspirations and Goals for the Future

Delegates discussed their aspirations for the future, including goals such as refining their portfolio, making contact with independent producers, and selling radio dramas. The festival inspired them to set ambitious targets for their writing careers, reflecting the positive influence of the event.

The Festival’s Role in Career Development

The festival’s impact on career development was evident, with delegates expressing their gratitude for the opportunities it provided. From gaining valuable industry insights to expanding professional networks, the festival left a profound impression on the delegates’ career outlooks.

Part 2 to follow soon!

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