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Festival Faces #LondonSWF

A few of the people I met around the festival today…   Is this you in the festival registration queue? It’s great to be greeted by a friendly person and the festival staff do a fantastic job of making everyone’s … MORE

Dr. Raj Persaud ~ Mind of Madness

Psychiatrist Dr. Raj Persaud is both an accomplished and entertaining speaker and also knows an intriguing amount about writers. For instance, he tells us that while on average, actors who win an Oscar live four years longer than those who … MORE

Simon Beaufoy #LondonSWF

When an Oscar winning screenwriter walks into a room and says, this is not going to be about me and what I want to tell you, it’s going to be about you and what you want to ask me, that … MORE

David Yates, In Conversation

In the earlier part of his career he took some rejection and gave up writing himself as he had no discipline for it and found it hard work but he does love the writing and development stage of a project … MORE

LSF 2012 ~ The Opening

The festival opening is a part of the festival that some people skip, thinking it’s not a ‘learning’ part of the festival. Indeed, some of it is about what to expect at the festival (for about two thirds of the … MORE

Festival Faces

A few of the faces I met at the festival today… Daniel Martin Eckhart, Crime Screenwriter working for some of Germany’s best TV networks, and producers. One of the speakers at this year’s festival. Elena Dapelo, Writer and Actor with … MORE