Talent Campus is a calling… and boy, have I been called! By Antony Pickthall

It is only a few days since I left the Talent Campus and I am finding myself so changed by what I have experienced over the past month. Who is this strange and focused creature who has replaced me? My … MORE

Applications for Final Talent Campus Are Open

What is Talent Campus? A seven day and five week (work from home part) training programme for Screenwriters. It will massively improve commercial viability in your projects as well as elevate your professional standards, and industry relationships available to you.Over … MORE

What happens at the Talent Campus Crucible Party?

The new conclusion to Talent Campus is an industry party that we throw for the campers. The ratio is around one camper to two guests – agents, directors, producers etc. Ahead of the event we spend the whole day training … MORE

How One LondonSWF Delegate Made a Declaration At The Festival… And The Journey To Success Was Set In Stone…

To Write For TV By (the magnificent – editorial note) Philip Lawrence I grew up with telly. Loved it. It was my best friend and I watched almost everything. Of course it was easier when I was a kid, there … MORE

Screenwriter Turns Exec in Hollywood… The Truth From The Other Side Of The Desk

Through The Looking Glass: A Screenwriter Becomes Executive One of our recent Talent Campus delegates flew over from LA to be a part of the whole adventure. A successful writer in her own right, she has more and more become … MORE

Talent Campus 6.0 First Feedback Is In…

As we closed the final day of the first phase of Talent Campus 6.0 last Sunday, I asked for some comments from the 27 campers who attended. These are the brave souls who experienced the screenwriters jet propulsion lab that … MORE

Congratulations to the 27 Screenwriters Accepted onto Talent Campus 6.0

It’s with great pleasure I can announce the 27 screenwriters who have had the courage to commit to Talent Campus 6.0… Fortune favours the bold and I cannot wait to undertake this unique adventure together. So drum roll please. The … MORE

Meet some of the guest speakers at Talent Campus 5.0 and what people said about them

Talent Campus is a rich mix of challenging career development sessions, as well as hearing from worldclass industry experts. I asked our current campers what they thought of our guests… (and you can apply for your spot on Talent Campus … MORE

Before AND after TC 5.0… independent thoughts from one delegate… What did they think?

Originally posted on Mark Walkers blog, this was his BEFORE and AFTER Talent Campus 5.0 Ignition… Over to Mark… It is about this time that we are supposed to outline our resolutions for the New Year ahead and set out … MORE

Want some ROCKETFUEL for your career? Talent Campus Applications Closing Friday

While most writers are focused on what they write, Talent Campus is focused on WHY you write it, it’s commercial viability, HOW you write, so you can create a massive acceleration in your chances of getting produced and WHO you … MORE