Scott Myers: How to Use Theme to Enrich Your Story #LondonSWF

  Nebulous, often misunderstood, everyone thinks it’s important and yet many describe it differently. Screenwriter, Producer and Educator Scott Myers joined us at the London Screenwriters Festival this year to help us delve into the mysteries of theme and how … MORE

Talent Campus 5.0 Applications Close This Friday!

Talent Campus is the advanced programme that we run for Screenwriters who want to rapidly advance their career. You can read about it here… And make your application here… It’s an intensive experience that will challenge you, your … MORE

My experience of winning The LSF Alien Competition… In the 15 ‘Save-The-Cat’ Beats. By Kendall Castor-Perry

Opening Image: Ping… and something unspeakably alien drips from the savage grin of the xenomorph in the leading image… This is surely going to be an interesting email…. Theme Stated: You – yes, you – can: >> Write and have … MORE

Prime Time: In Conversation With Tony Jordan #LondonSWF

Prime time legend Tony Jordan, joined producer Nik Powell and the London Screenwriters’ Festival delegates once again this year, to discuss the writing style that led him to a long and successful career in television. Both frank and entertaining, the … MORE

The Beginning: Using the First Ten Pages to Hook the Reader with Joey Tuccio #LondonSWF

In the competitive world of screenwriting, where there are more screenplays being put out there than there are people to read them, the first ten pages of a script become not only an essential way to get a reader interested … MORE

Talent Campus 5.0 from LondonSWF Updates…

We now have much more detail on Talent Campus Five, with dates and deadlines. Please do apply if you think it’s a good fit for you, and we hope to announce industry support for it very soon. Hoops to jump … MORE

My FIRST London Screenwriters’ Festival… What was it REALLY like? By Emma Pullar

Firstly, if you haven’t booked for LSF2020, you should do it now, here’s the link Why are you still here? Please book your ticket, you have twenty seconds to comply … You now have fifteen seconds to comply! Wondering … MORE

LondonSWF 2020 only 91 passes left…

Yup, we have had our best kick off to any festival EVER with 58% of passes sold already… for an event 19 months away that is nuts! So THANK YOU to everyone who continues to keep the LondonSWF the most … MORE

Feedback from the 9th London Screenwriters’ Festival in 2018

Each year we ask our delegates what their experience was like, and here’s what they shared this year. ‘After LondonSWF, I’ve changed and developed as a writer and I’m ready to fully commit and do whatever it takes to continue … MORE

Success Stories From The Community… Staying On The F*cking Bus by Fiona Leitch

April 2018 was a pretty crap month for me. I’d written nine screenplays and one novel, all of which were languishing in a file on my laptop gathering the cyber equivalent of dust. I was (still am) 48 years old, … MORE