The Friday Online, LSFReplay: Who Knows Anything? The Many Shades of Subtext and Power in Dialogue with Sean Robert Daniels

Friday March 1st, and in the run up to the London Screenwriters’ Festival, we continue a series of LondonSWF replays, the very best of our past events replayed live. Who Knows Anything? The Many Shades of Subtext and Power in … MORE

Successful Applicants To The Actors Table Reads Announced

Congratulations to the writers who have been successful in their application to the Actors Table Read. Drum roll please… Home Truths – Liz Holiday Sex With My Ex – Lucy Linger Mum, Dad, and the Other – Scott Davenport The … MORE

The Thursday Online, LSFReplay: A Writer’s Life: Rolling with the Punches with Lucinda Coxon

What are the challenges you face and workarounds you need to sustain a career as a writer? How do you protect your integrity and keep your own box of tricks intact, but still be a writer people want to work … MORE

Join us FREE for the London Screenwriters ONLINE Festival March 2nd and 3rd

A Full Weekend Of Screenwriting Sessions From The Best In The World… FREE Form LondonSWF March 2nd and 3rd, we are hosting a TWO-DAY Screenwriters Online Festival and YOU can attend completely free. We have sessions delivered by Robert McKee, … MORE

The Tuesday Online, LSFReplay: The Importance of Character in Storytelling with Phil and Ted

On Tuesday we continue our series of LondonSWF replays, the very best of our past events replayed live. This time it’s Phil and Ted on The Importance of Character in Storytelling. That will take place next Tuesday at 8pm UK … MORE

The Friday Online, LSFReplay: The Art of Screenwriting: Insights from William Nicholson

When: Friday Feb 23rd at 8pm UK time Where: Anyone can attend free. In this hour long session, we delve deep into the intricacies of the craft and the behind-the-scenes experiences that have shaped Nicholson’s career. Nicholson shares his … MORE

Unlocking Success: The Role of Networks in Artistic Breakthrough

The intersection of creativity, reputation and success has always captivated the addled minds of writers and filmmakers. A recent study offers fresh insights into this dynamic, shedding light on the pivotal role of networks in shaping artistic success. The study … MORE

Beyond the Passion Project: Why Diversifying Projects is Key to Success

by Bob Schultz For many screenwriters, the journey begins with a burning desire to bring a particular passion project to the screen. It comes from our hearts: A story or person who means the world to us. Maybe a tribute … MORE

These Twin Saboteurs Will Kill Your Screenwriting Career

by Bob Schultz In every epoch of human history, the introduction of groundbreaking technologies has been met with resistance. The powerful but misguided allegiance to the status quo is as human as the need to tell stories itself. For the … MORE


Over the next little while, we’re going to be announcing the exciting line-up for April’s London Screenwriters’ Festival. It’s great to be back! As Christmas approaches, it’s a great time to make our first announcement. We proudly welcome back friend … MORE