LondonSWF Podcast: Ep003 Meet Filmmaker Pat Higgins

  Welcome to the London Screenwriters Festival podcast, episode 3. In this episode, Amy Livingstone, a screenwriter and long-term LSF delegate, is joined by the superbly magnificent (this is true, he is) Pat Higgins, a screenwriter and director with over … MORE

How We Came To LondonSWF and Ended Up Pitching In The Offices of Sky!

Lessons in Pitching: LSWF and Roadmap Writers Screenwriters Rachel Goacher and Jacob Mulgrew discuss their experiences at the London Screenwriters’ Festival, and an exciting opportunity presented to them by the team at Roadmap Writers. April. What a gem of a … MORE

How I Wrote A Five Minute ALIEN Audiodrama That Got Performed and Produced LIVE at LondonSWF

This year we repeated the Dirk Maggs Audio Drama session from 2018, which involved creating an audio drama LIVE in the room. LSF delegates were invited to submit scripts set in the ALIEN universe, we would select one, and then … MORE

The LondonSWF Podcast: Episode One Part 2, Meet The Delegates Of LondonSWF

  Maximizing the Festival Experience: Expert Tips from the London Screenwriters Festival Episode 2: Tips and Tricks from the Experts Welcome to the second episode of the London Screenwriters Festival podcast! In this episode, Chris Jones, the founder of the … MORE

Being a writer is about the journey… And the COURAGE to persist… by Line Jette Johannessen

It was a very emotional moment taking in your applause. Not because I love standing on a stage – it is comical that just before Chris Jones’ LSF Opening, I told a writer about my stage fright and how I cannot … MORE

Nick’s Fecking Awesome Guide to the Festival… When not at the Festival By Nick Jackson

It’s been two weeks since the London Screenwriters’ Festival, and what have I learned? Well, as I bask in the afterglow of a weekend making new friends, catching up with old friends, feeling like a superhero (one who strides across … MORE

LondonSWF: Proposals and Zombies… True Story!

‘I was going to quit… When at LondonSWF, I met the love of my life, and we ended up producing and selling our first film together…’ It was raining. He grabbed her hand, smiling as if he knew her from … MORE

Announcing the LondonSWF Podcast: Episode One, Meet The Delegates Of LondonSWF

    Welcome to the first podcast about The London Screenwriters’ Festival! Pitched last weekend by screenwriter Amy Livingstone and helmed by her, this is a deep dive into all things festivaly and screenwriting. In this episode, two delegates share … MORE

From Festival Highs to Monday Blues: My Journey Back to the Keyboard by David China Woolf

After an exhilarating weekend at the London Screenwriters’ Festival, where creativity flowed like ink from a wellspring, I find myself back in the familiar embrace of my day job. The struggle to transition from festival euphoria to mundane workdays is … MORE

Courage, Friendships and Pitching! How one weekend can change you by Dorothee Kuepers

Having attended the London Screenwriter’s Festival on a few occasions in the past, I thought I knew what to expect. In many ways I was right. I knew I would learn a lot from the amazing speakers. I knew I … MORE