The Screenwriting Legends YOU Need in YOUR Living Room by Lynda Kennedy

By Lynda Kennedy What a weekend. I had a beer with David Goyer on Friday, wine with Dave Reynolds on Saturday and a late lunch with Paul King on Sunday.  It’s not every day you get to welcome such screenwriting legends … MORE

David Goyer in Conversation: Takeaways via Batman Quotes

By Alexis Howell-Jones Having scribed films and TV about iconic characters including Batman, Superman, Sandman and Leonardo Da Vinci, David Goyer had (unsurprisingly) some great stories to tell about his experiences working in Hollywood.  Here are some takeaways from his … MORE

How does Sherlock’s Steven Moffat feel about feedback? by Keith Slote

I remember going to this session at the Festival. It was a one off evening prior to the 2017 Festival proper (the team were going to be at the Emmys over the Festival weekend). Sherlock had become the must see … MORE

Peaky Blinders: Decrypting TV Success with Kate Phillips and Jamie Glazebrook

 By Paul Arrowsmith For any writer looking to write a returning series, this video provides ample details of the process starting from Steven Knight’s initial pitch in a Southbank coffee shop. The producers were looking to hire a writer … MORE

Ten Things I Learned About Period Drama from Downton Abbey’s Julian Fellowes

By Leilani Holmes During this incredible Downton Abbey script to screen, John York mentions to Julian Fellowes that the opening clip of Downton is what he uses as the example when he teaches writers how to begin a period drama. … MORE

Paul King: What I learned writing ‘Paddington’ by Cassi Camilleri

By Cassi Camilleri  Stories are trial and error, and that is a maxim writer director Paul King practically opens this session from the London Screenwriters’ Festival with. There is an awareness of the tribulations (Paul uses apt descriptors such as … MORE

Ten Storytelling Insights I Learned About Filmmaker Lynne Ramsey

 by Fiona Hunnisett  Nick Powell introduces Lynne Ramsay as one of the greatest living filmmakers and that’s after only four feature films, but those four, of course, include the iconic “We Need To Talk About Kevin” and “You Were Never Really Here”. With … MORE

A Life in Movies and Other Writing Adventures Interview with Christopher Hampton

 By Nick Boocock As a writer, director and producer – but, of course, primarily a writer – Christopher Hampton offers a uniquely rounded perspective on the different disciplines behind the camera. What really comes across in this session is … MORE

LondonSWF365 Feedback… What do delegates say?

What have our delegates been saying about THEIR online experience with LondonSWF365? There’s still tile to sign up HERE. ‘I cannot quantify just how monumental an experience LondonSWF365 has been for me. As a carer of two disabled children, and … MORE

Robert McKee Tonight at 9pm LIVE inside LondonSWF365, the online festival

Final call for the outstanding Tuesday night we have planned, starting with our Screenwriters Legal Session at Eight, followed by the screenwriting legend that is Robert McKee at nine – online and live! YES! ROBERT MCKEE! This is just one … MORE