How I Found Success At LondonSWF… by Lucy Linger

Getting to a key event a little early is always a good idea at LSF but sometimes it can be the most important part of the whole festival! Don’t ever stand looking at your phone at an LSF event. That’s … MORE

Shooting a Proof-of-Concept Trailer by Christopher T. Lang

I asked Talent Camper Christopher T. Lang to share his journey making his proof of concept trailer for his feature film ‘In Absentia’… “It’s a bit like using a tester pot of paint on a little bit of the wall … MORE

Talent Campus Rocks! What a ride! By Sharon Axcell

Even having read all the testimonials, reviews, the agenda… I wasn’t convinced. But something told me to go anyway. Something had to change. I’d been hidden away for too long. Been telling myself those stories, giving excuses – that my … MORE

How One Talent Camper Made The Decision… And One Year Later Her Play Is Staged In London and Getting Rave Reviews

Panayiota Panteli makes things happen.  She picks her goals, plots her journey and she is off. The proof that her focus has paid off can be seen in her play, Back To Hackney. Not only did it earn her 5* … MORE

Congratulations to the 27 Talent Campers On Talent Campus 7.0

I am delighted to announce the successful candidates for Talent Campus 7.0. We have had one writer withdraw and defer to Talent Campus 8.0 next year, so one slot is now available. If you want to apply for it, you … MORE

Making it in LA and the common pitfalls to avoid… with Joey Tuccio

Joey Tuccio is coming to Ealing Studios all the way from Hollywood to help YOU create your career in LA. You can read more about the course HERE and get some great tips from Joey below… Roadmap Writers is one … MORE

Writer JK Murphy on her TC Journey… Californian Dreaming!

Flash back to the London Screenwriters’ Festival, 2016. During the festival’s closing presentation, I sat next to someone who said he was part of the Talent Campus. Newbie that I was, I had no idea what he was talking about. … MORE

Confessions of a Crime Writer and Talent Camper… Interview with Angela Clarke by Fiona Hunnisett

You’ve only got to meet The Sunday Times bestselling crime novelist Angela Clarke to know that she’s already a bit of a Wonder Woman. I chatted to her about her writing journey and what brought her to Talent Campus 5.0. … MORE

How One Talent Campus Writers Moved Into Direction by Vera Mark

Hey all, need to share some happy events with you. Last week, my DP/editor and I finished the rough cut of our little film Blue Widow, which I wrote, produced and directed. Home later that evening, I watched it on … MORE

The Writers Room… What was the experience like with Nicola Larder, co-creator of ‘Marcella’

By Mark Renshaw What do you do if you have one chance to impress Nicola Larder, the producer of several hit TV dramas and the co-creator of the massively successfully Marcella? What script sample do you send when you know … MORE