Screenwriting Mastery 2023: Take Your Professional Screenwriting Career To The Next Level

Like structure, genre is a foundational component in storytelling. Professionally, producers and agents know this. Instinctively, audiences sense this as consumer. As a professional writer, you NEED to master genre. No matter your personal preference when it comes to genre, … MORE

We don’t change just because it’s a good idea by Rebecca Jean Caroll

Script consultant, story analyst and “Inside Story” author Dara Marks notes that we are currently living what may be the greatest story of our generation. We are on the cusp of change; what that change is we do not yet know, but … MORE

Adele Lim on Crazy Rich Asians and representation in film and TV

by Akinna Aquino After finding Adele Lim on a popular Facebook group used to share delightfully relatable memes between members of the Asian diaspora, I flippantly joked with my partner that I would reach out to her and ask if … MORE

My top 5 non-craft takeaways from The London Screenwriters’ Festival Online 2020 by Guy Mannerings

By Guy Mannerings For those of you who attended the first London SWF Online, you will know that it was an insane, fully-packed month of screenwriting goodness. For four weeks, we were treated to insightful talks from world-class industry experts … MORE

Script to Screen for ‘A Beautiful Day in the Neighbourhood’ by Hana Hall

In this video from Script to Screen, Pollock Theatre director Matt Ryan interviews writer, actor and producer Noah Harpster who answers questions about his film, ‘A Beautiful Day in the Neighbourhood’ starring Tom Hanks.  Harpster recounts his deep personal connection … MORE

Michael Arndt: What makes great endings, beginnings and middles

We know Michael Arndt from some of our favourite films; Little Miss Sunshine and Toy Story 3 spring to mind. In this session and script chat, he opened up about his process when it comes to conceptualising and structuring stories. If you didn’t listen … MORE

Clarity Clarity Clarity – Writing the Killer Treatment by Sam Kurd

Fenella Greenfield knows a thing or two about script treatments. Running the annual Euroscript Screen Story Competition for over 15 years gives you some insight.  During this session, Fenella was kind enough to give us some top pointers when it … MORE

Navigating fact, fiction and the inbetween in ‘BASED ON A TRUE STORY’ by Kathy Fedori

Blinded by the light of the big screen, I’ve cozied up to countless films to escape reality without realising that they were actually true stories of someone’s life… movies like My Name is Dolomite, The Mule, The Irishman, 1917 and a TV series Unorthodox.  Ellin Stein, … MORE

‘Surprise yourself’ Sound advice on how to write a TV pilot form Michal Aviram by Jan Ruppe-Rahman

In my first London Screenwriters Festival, I have spent time in a virtual café with a Lithuanian sit-com writer, an Australian who lives in British time by writing horror movies at night and a woman who was beaten to a … MORE

How Felicia Day Kept Me Inspired on My Quest to be a Screenwriter

“Have you seen The Guild?” asked the rogue next to me. Two seconds later I was dead, so I never got to ask him to elaborate. Such was life as a PVP player in World of Warcraft. Hold up – … MORE