Lessons From Russell T Davies by Alexis Howell-Jones

On 7th May some writer chums and I via the lovely people at the London Screenwriters’ Festival scored tickets to be in the audience on The One Show to listen to Russell T Davies discuss his new show, Years And … MORE

What does it take for an Author to make it in 2019? Meet Lucy Van Smit

At LSF we are taught to channel our inner Wonder Woman. Lucy Van Smit not only channels it, she owns it full time. She doesn’t let obstacles get in her way either, choosing to find many routes round the mountain … MORE

My Life Post Talent Campus by screenwriter Jo Ragett

It’s been 9 weeks, 3 days, 10 hours and 44 minutes since my official Talent Campus journey ended. What a ride!! Nothing has changed in my life but EVERYTHING has changed! The most amazing thing that’s happened within those nine … MORE

Talent Campus: Mentoring… One view from a mentee turned coach

By Mark Walker Applications to Talent Campus 7.0 close soon… If you are still on the fence about applying, now is the time to throw caution to the wind and just get that application in – what have you got … MORE

What’s the next step you should take when you hit a plateau (or block) in your writing and career?

Success lies not in starting, but in completing and THEN moving past completion rapidly. Here’s how to do it… When we go on any creative journey, those first few steps, once we commit and take them, can be exciting and … MORE

Talent Campus is a calling… and boy, have I been called! By Antony Pickthall

It is only a few days since I left the Talent Campus and I am finding myself so changed by what I have experienced over the past month. Who is this strange and focused creature who has replaced me? My … MORE

Applications for Final Talent Campus Are Open

What is Talent Campus? A seven day and five week (work from home part) training programme for Screenwriters. It will massively improve commercial viability in your projects as well as elevate your professional standards, and industry relationships available to you.Over … MORE

What happens at the Talent Campus Crucible Party?

The new conclusion to Talent Campus is an industry party that we throw for the campers. The ratio is around one camper to two guests – agents, directors, producers etc. Ahead of the event we spend the whole day training … MORE

How One LondonSWF Delegate Made a Declaration At The Festival… And The Journey To Success Was Set In Stone…

To Write For TV By (the magnificent – editorial note) Philip Lawrence I grew up with telly. Loved it. It was my best friend and I watched almost everything. Of course it was easier when I was a kid, there … MORE

Screenwriter Turns Exec in Hollywood… The Truth From The Other Side Of The Desk

Through The Looking Glass: A Screenwriter Becomes Executive One of our recent Talent Campus delegates flew over from LA to be a part of the whole adventure. A successful writer in her own right, she has more and more become … MORE