‘Surprise yourself’ Sound advice on how to write a TV pilot form Michal Aviram by Jan Ruppe-Rahman

In my first London Screenwriters Festival, I have spent time in a virtual café with a Lithuanian sit-com writer, an Australian who lives in British time by writing horror movies at night and a woman who was beaten to a … MORE

How Felicia Day Kept Me Inspired on My Quest to be a Screenwriter

“Have you seen The Guild?” asked the rogue next to me. Two seconds later I was dead, so I never got to ask him to elaborate. Such was life as a PVP player in World of Warcraft. Hold up – … MORE

Pen Densham: A phenomenal session that left me speechless by David China Woolf

While talks preceding the ‘Robin Hood: Price of Thieves’ Script to Screen with Pen Densham were interesting and informative, this was the moment I realized attending the festival was the right move for me. It is my first time attending … MORE

How to Cope in the Echo Chamber by Rebecca Robinson

Fragile, resilient.  Perceptive, narrow-minded.  Reclusive, convivial.  As writers we are all these things and more.  We are the canaries in the coal mine, the watchers against the dark, the mirrors of society.  But if we are empaths and mirrors, what … MORE

Valuing the Feminine: The Virgin’s Promise with Kim Hudson, by KT Parker

One of the things that makes life worthwhile is the opportunity to keep learning something new. The first week of London Screenwriters’ Festival online has been what I’d call a ‘chocolate mousse’ learning experience – intense, exquisite, and deliciously inspirational. … MORE

A Study in Loglines: LSF reacts to Samatha Horley’s unmissable session

If you’ve followed the LSF for the last few years, you’re probably familiar with Samantha Horley. Samantha’s sessions are always frank, forensic trials by fire that might help your pitch stand a chance in that crucial exec meeting. This time, … MORE

Romance? Bromance? It’s All the Same! With Jenna Moreci, by Rebecca Robinson

Burning question – can you write believable romance if you don’t have romance in your own life?  The answer is a resounding “Yes!” according to Jenna Moreci, author of “The Savior’s Champion” and “The Savior’s Sister”, and speaker at the … MORE

Pilar Alessandra… Writers’ block? There is no such thing by Jane Rayner

All writers get stuck. Some of us manage to work through it; others stop writing altogether. I find going to another writing project often helps, particularly if it’s a different form of writing, such as flash fiction or writing a … MORE

Should Women Just Blow Stuff Up? The Female Gaze Panel at London Screenwriters’ Festival by KT Parker

If I were to put the word ‘lively’ in bold, capitalize it, underline it, highlight it and circle it in red, it still wouldn’t convey the energy of the discussion at the Female Gaze Panel. What is the female gaze? … MORE

A Community Win for the Festival: Takeaways from Eric Kripke by Karen Sheard

At last year’s festival, Savannah Morgan asked delegates who they should invite to the next festival. I, like many others, eagerly replied: Eric Kripke, showrunner of Supernatural. She responded, I’ll try but he’ll be filming Season 3 of The Boys, and also … MORE