Can you write a 500 word children’s bedtime story for Christmas?

This Christmas I am inviting you to write a bedtime story for children. Are you in? We want to create some magic for families around the world and get all of us… imagining, dreaming, creating, writing, rewriting, peer reviewing… and … MORE

Support an AMAZING Woman and LSF staffer, on a Mission To Elevate Her Community and by Extension Change The World…

Maureen Hascoet de Cuestas is an extraordinary woman. I have known her for fifteen years now, we have worked together on many events. We have continued to support each other whenever things got tough. Often we needed just a safe … MORE

Can you write a killer one-pager? The feedback is in…

We just wrapped the very first Killer One Pager worksop with Bob Schultz, and while we did enthusiastially run over, we also guiided the 16 screenwriters present through a very practical process that will take any story and turn it … MORE

Joe Eszterhas, Thursday 8.00pm BST, LondonSWF365 Special LIVE Event

Meet the highest paid spec script screenwriter of his day, with ‘Basic Instinct’. Hollwood legend and prodigious raconteur, Joe will share his hard won lessons on the principles of successful screenwriting, creating a career and surviving the wild ride. We’ll … MORE

Mastering Misdirection: The Art of Beguiling the Reader and Audience Through Your Writing

Remember how you felt as a kid when you saw a magic trick? Stories are like that. The best ones are powerful emotional magic tricks. Audiences willingly suspend their disbelief in order to best experience this illusion. But when the … MORE

One Year From Today… Will You Be There?

One Year From Today… Will You Be There? It’s one year from today that the London Screenwriters’ Festival will return to the stage in London. I don’t know about you but I am SOOOOO looking forward to coming back together … MORE

How Felicia Day Kept Me Inspired on My Quest to be a Screenwriter

“Have you seen The Guild?” asked the rogue next to me. Two seconds later I was dead, so I never got to ask him to elaborate. Such was life as a PVP player in World of Warcraft. Hold up – … MORE

Want to get your script read, optioned and produced?

Mastering the fundamentals of pitching has become more crucial, now we are in a new world where people are more accessible than ever. • When: Saturday October 3rd, 10am to 2pm • Where: Online • How much: £37 • On … MORE

September 3rd at 6pm London time LSF presents a very special guest, Felicia Day!

She’s going to talk to us about Embracing Your WEIRD. Who better to learn from than the self-made marvel, social media geek, and Queen of Comicon herself. We’ll also discuss overcoming writers block, what makes a script great and where the … MORE

The Screenwriting Legends YOU Need in YOUR Living Room by Lynda Kennedy

By Lynda Kennedy What a weekend. I had a beer with David Goyer on Friday, wine with Dave Reynolds on Saturday and a late lunch with Paul King on Sunday.  It’s not every day you get to welcome such screenwriting legends … MORE