Jonathan Butler and Gabriel Garza: Be the person people want to work with, by Jane Rayner

Writing partners Jonathan Butler and Gabriel Garza (The Flash) pitched 27 different projects before they got a yes. So they know a bit about what is required to keep getting meetings to share their ideas and stories. While their session … MORE

A funny thing happened on the way to the 30 Day Challenge by James Alexander Allen

Once again at the LSF 365, the wonderful Pat Higgins has invited us on a quest to write a feel-good screenplay in 30 days. To all who accepted this challenge, I wish you the best of luck. I’m trying to … MORE

Jeff Deverett: A session on indie filmmaking By Anita Reid

There is a warm indie wind blowing through the Festival. Tonight, it whipped up quite a Gale. Do you want to be a disruptive indie filmmaker, taking control of production and distribution to the streamers? Then listen to Jeff Deverett … MORE

What it Actually Means to be a Working Writer with Lee Jessup by Rebecca Robinson

Is there anything more pleasing or powerful than an intelligent woman at the top of her game? That is precisely what and who Lee Jessup is. A former screenwriter who is now a coach for all participants in the film … MORE

Lorien McKenna and Meg LeFauve on emotional truth in tumultuous times by Anita Reid

Lorien McKenna (Up, Brave, Inside Out) and Meg LeFauve (Inside Out, Captain Marvel) hope you can take the Covid experience, and whatever emotion it is pulling up in you, and ‘give it to your character and give it to your story’. ‘That soft … MORE

Want to succeed in Hollywood? Let Carole Kirschner guide you by KT Parker

When Carole Kirschner told her mother she wanted to be in entertainment, she was told to get a job as a court reporter, because those are good jobs and they pay well. “My first day on the job working when … MORE

Impossible even for a computer? Paul Hirsch on editing before the days of Premier and Final Cut by James Alexander Allen

The Force was certainly with us at the London Screenwriters’ Festival as Paul Hirsch, editor of Star Wars, Carrie, Planes Trains & Automobiles, and many others joined us for an hour to discuss his career. Aside from the obvious excitement of … MORE

GO DO IT! Two LondonSWF365 sessions that put fire in our bellies by KT Parker

What have experienced documentary filmmaker David Nicholas Wilkinson and editor Jon Walker got in common with genre-mashing feature filmmaker John McPhail? David exudes wisdom with his Tolstoy-style beard, which is not surprising given his wide-ranging career, beginning in acting when … MORE

Marc Jobst is the bridge between script & screen By Lesley McGlynn

There are worse ways to kick off an LSF chat than to the sight of a leather clad Henry Cavill & his sexy chin dimple, amirite?! It got us all fired up for our chat with Marc Jobst, director of … MORE

The Last Story Editor: Christopher Lockhart (William Morris Endeavor)

We’ve all dreamt of it: swanning into a meeting with the most famous actors on the planet to put our words in their mouths. Well that’s Christopher Lockhart’s day job. Willam Morris Endeavor (WME) is one of the oldest agencies … MORE