Discussing ‘Pontypool’ with Tony Burgess by Teresa Bailey

 Genesis Pontypool was born when Tony Burgess was scouting for a picture for his first book. Lost and frustrated, he took a photo of the town he was in: Pontypool. He noticed the word ‘typo’ in the middle of the town … MORE

Finding the Heart of Your Story w/ John Yorke By Abbie Heath

Disclaimer: I’m a John Yorke fangirl. I’ve read his book Into the Woods many times – it’s covered in post-its and scribblings and I won’t begin a script without it. I’ve heard him talk at the LSF before and taken … MORE

Clive Frayne’s How-to-guide on Finding and Fixing the Flaws in Your Screenplay

Clive Frayne came into Sunday night spreading some amazing encouragement and knowledge in a session I will refer to as the “Economics of Screenwriting”.  This session gave us some prime points to streamline our process and minimize unnecessary rewrites. Learning to analyze … MORE

Vertue, Moffat and Gattis strike again: On writing DRACULA!

 Writers Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss, alongside producer Sue Vertue, are television royalty.  With their lengthy run on Doctor Who, overseeing both Peter Capaldi and Matt Smith’s Doctors, the global mega-hit Sherlock, which catapulted Benedict Cumberbatch into the stratosphere, … MORE

Writers have to trust themselves and others by Elinor Perry-Smith

Marnie Dickens (Thirteen, Gold Digger) and Michal Aviram (Fauda, Project Orpheus) have so much in common, it’s easy to say why this discussion happened the way it did. They both started out in TV, loving the writing process and appreciated … MORE

Lifting the lid on continuing drama by Abbie Heathe

 This brilliant session is like sitting down in the Queen Vic with a pint, listening to a couple of mates chatting, and feeling a part of the conversation. It gives you a real fly-on-the-wall insight into the way soaps … MORE

A Bold Bright Light: A discussion with Linda Potgieter by Barbara Skubic

 The Sunday night session with the master negotiator Linda Potgieter was just what Chris Jones, who also interviewed her, promised it to be. A fast-paced, highly charged awesome session that – at least for me – pulled together nuggets … MORE

Lessons from A Quiet Place by Pat Higgins

 Screenwriters and filmmakers Scott Beck and Bryan Woods spent a fascinating hour talking us through the genesis of the silent, terrifying world of A Quiet Place, hosted and moderated by Liz Slade. Watching A Quiet Place for the first … MORE

Linda Aronson: My Cheat Sheet for Deconstructing ‘Unorthodox’

Hi Everyone,  Linda here.  I’m going to give you some really nifty prep in this post for my webinar on the the TV series Unorthodox next week (June 4, 10pm).  However, before I do, I need to share with you … MORE

Joey Tuccio: “Moving forwards, compliments are mandatory” by Rebecca Jean-Carroll

Joey Tuccio, founder and CEO of Roadmap Writers brings plenty of positivity and energy to a conversation about how best to present yourself to the powers that be.  If you’ve ever left a room without establishing a connection, like I … MORE