Who will YOU pitch?

Execs, Producers, Directors and Agents at PitchFest 2018

OK take a deep breath… and check out who you can pitch YOUR projects to this year at The Great British Pitchfest!

Execs will be added in late Summer.

Who came last time?

Sixty professionals from over fifty companies heard pitches at the last Pitchfest, leading to hundreds of script requests. Execs, Producers, Directors and Agents attended from these companies in past few years.

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Confirmed Execs, Agents, Producers and Directors for 2018


Anthony Joblin

Anthony Joblin – Development Executive - Renaissance Films

Currently interested in compelling character driven stories, either feature film or tv series format. Preferred genres are contemporary and historical drama. Low to mid budget level.

Charlotte Essex

Charlotte Essex – Development Executive - Mainstreet Pictures

Looking for: Exciting stories told with that little bit of stardust. 

Chris Grezo

Chris Grezo – Development Exec - Headline Pictures

Looking for Dramas (occasionally comedy-dramas) which say something important and meaningful about the world.

Evelyn Xing

Evelyn Xing – Sales & Acquisitions - Carnaby Carnaby International Sales & Distribution

While continuing looking for projects with fresh takes on genre films (horror, thriller, sci-fi), we are also interested in topical stories with a strong voice and theatrical potential.

Georgina Sherrington

Georgina Sherrington – Development Producer - TV Drama

Looking for ambitious writers with big, purposeful stories to tell. International / cross-border storytelling a plus.

Giles Edwards

Giles Edwards – Head Of Acquisitions & Development - Queensbury Pictures and sister company MPI

Queensbury Pictures (and MPI) are genre-focused, but "genre" covers a very wide arena, not just straight horror but the darkest thriller (STARRY EYES), blackest comedy (CATFIGHT) anything that combines genuine edge and potency.

Graham Smith

Graham Smith – Founder - Grand Scheme Media

Interested in scripts with mainstream ambition - think big! Aim high - take on the challenge of BBC1, ITV1 and Sky1! Looking for projects to co-produce with the major platforms like Amazon, Netflix and Apple.

Guy Gadney

Guy Gadney – Founder - To Play For

Looking for strong dialogue and character-driven stories which can be brought to life as immersive interactive experiences across mobile and games platforms.

Harry Arkwright

Harry Arkwright – Executive - DRG TV

Looking for commercial Drama that that can compete on the international stage and appeal across the globe. Open to drama in many forms from Series, Serials and Miniseries in all genres however we are always particularly interested in Crime and Thrillers.

Hattie Burles

Hattie Burles – Acquisitions Executive - DCD Rights

Interested in bold and compelling drama series for international audiences. Bonus points for crime/thriller elements, well-developed characters and returnable series.

Henry R Swindell

Henry R Swindell – Producer - Artists Studio

Henry R Swindell is a highly experienced freelance Producer and Script Editor.

Jason Ninh Cao

Jason Ninh Cao – Producer - JNC Productions

Looking for projects that will work or can be adapted for Vietnamese audiences. In particular I love to find a high concept action thriller with a good twist. 

Julianne Ford

Julianne Ford – Executive - Tailored Films

Looking for writers who preferably have one distributed feature film made already and are interested in high concept low budget (1m euro) films in the sci-fi, comedy or horror genres. Looking for a feature film that is a magical adventure for children. 

Lawrence Mason

Lawrence Mason – Development - Bonafide

Bonafide is looking for meaningful and idiosyncratic TV drama scripts. No genre is off the table, but a relevant, compelling and contemporary narrative is key.

Louise Gagen

Louise Gagen – Executive - Feel Films

Looking primarily for film comedy and drama. Or scripted TV comedy.

Luke Foster

Luke Foster – Development Executive - Iron Box Films

Currently seeking: Projects that tell a compelling story, are in an identifiable genre and would have international appeal, and ideally have budgets of up to £5m.

Matt Clinch

Matt Clinch – Development Executive - Hartswood Films

Looking for character driven drama, contemporary stories and writing with wit, warmth and ambition. Considering drama and comedy scripts.

May Gibson

May Gibson – Development/Producer - Independent Executive

Looking for new writing talent that displays a distinctive, authorial voice. Interested in drama, comedy/drama or comedy ideas for returnable TV series/serials with a clear sense of tone and format.

Michael Nakan

Michael Nakan – CEO - Clipper Media Capital

Ambitious features and TV series with genre elements - straightforward plots combined with literary storytelling, in the vein of LOGAN. Distinctive, authored TV drama (or comedy, if it’s right) which can stand out in the era of peak TV - UK or US setting.

Orion Lee

Orion Lee – Producer - Constellation Creatives

Looking for scripts that make an audience laugh or cry. Ideally with a budgets of £2m and under for film. TV budget unlimited, open to everything.

Paul Sukhija

Paul Sukhija – Development - Aimimage Productions

Low-med budget film proposals: there is a wide range of things we would consider, from personal dramas with GREAT characters to genre ideas that don’t feel off-the-shelf and we are particularly keen to hear stories told from a female perspective.

Ross Murray

Ross Murray – Development Producer - Kindle Entertainment

Looking for: big, returning series, stories with heart and cultural specificity, and ideas, both original and building upon existing IP, which pack that emotional punch and have the ambition and scope to speak to an international audience.

Sarah Laita

Sarah Laita – Producers' Assistant - Electric Shadow Company

Electric Shadow Company is open to many genres but are currently working on psychological thriller, horror, and YA scripts for film and television

Sidney Malik

Sidney Malik – Producer

Looking for Horror Film concepts from female directors, Virtual reality film concepts, Horror Feature Film and TV Series

Sorcha Bacon

Sorcha Bacon – Producer - Try Hard Productions

Emerging Producer looking for bold, character led, genre bending stories. Particularly excited by debuts on smaller budget scale, that champion marginalised voices.

Thembisa Cochrane

Thembisa Cochrane – Development Exec - Spier Films

Looking for entertaining stories with quality performance-driven drama supported by genre elements. We specialise in European co-productions.

A rare and wonderful opportunity for people who love stories to get together and share ways of learning and ways of telling stories.

Angela Jameson, Screenwriter and Author

Angela Jameson, Screenwriter and Author


Alex Lightman

Alex Lightman – Producer/Director - Cannibal Films

Cannibal Films is looking for film and TV genre content with depth and international appeal-unexpected, imaginative, and sizable stories that not only understand their audience, but aim to capture new audiences too. Mid to high budgets preferred.

Anna Mohr-Pietsch

Anna Mohr-Pietsch – Producer - Met Film

Looking for anything interesting and good! No specific genres. Film and TV.

Jade Alexander

Jade Alexander – Producer - Little Jade Productions

Looking for Genre projects only: Sci-fi, Horror, Fantasy

Nikolai Galitzine

Nikolai Galitzine – Producer - Advantage Pictures

Sci-fi, political drama, art house, European thriller, Experimental mixed drama/documentary (not drama-docs), historical, westerns.

Shirani Le Mercier

Shirani Le Mercier – Producer - Spring Time Films

Currently seeking: Live action - Adventure, thriller, sci-fi, comedy/romcom, family. Animation: Family/fantasy.

Stephanie Bamberg

Stephanie Bamberg – Producer - Kult Fiktion Ltd

Looking for a good “hero’s journey” that tells a human story. We are also interested in thrillers and stories with a lovely twist. Changing the audience’s expectations and getting them “off guard”.

Tom Kerevan

Tom Kerevan – Producer - Cannibal Films

Cannibal Films is looking for film and TV genre content with depth and international appeal-unexpected, imaginative and sizable stories that not only understand their audience, but aim to capture new audiences too. Mid to high budgets preferable.

Neil Thompson

Neil Thompson – Producer - Formosa Films

Looking for: Fresh, compelling, contemporary thrillers and high concept comedies.

Stewart Le Marechal

Stewart Le Marechal – Producer - MetFilm

Stewart is open to hearing most ideas although less keen on straight horror. Looking for both Film and TV.

Did the elevator pitch and got asked to send a synopsis to the producers – awesome!

Ros Gihan Williams, Writer/Director

Ros Gihan Williams, Writer/Director


Fiona Grant

Fiona Grant – Agent - Dench Arnold Agency

Entertaining stories, particularly interested in musicals, horrors and comedies. Film and television.

Phil Adie

Phil Adie – Agent - Nick Turner Management

Phil is interested in drama and comedy writers for television, film and radio.

Elaine Steel

Elaine Steel – Agent

Elaine is an agent representing writers and directors in film, television, stage, radio as well as a few book writers.

I did the Elevator Pitch today and it was Joel Schumacher inside! Not only did he like it, he asked me to send him the script.

Craig Howells, Screenwriter

Craig Howells, Screenwriter


Ben Mole

Ben Mole – Director/Producer - Core Films

Looking for high concept, speculative fiction stories – Fantasy, Horror, Sci Fi, Thriller, and Period drama.

D R Hood

D R Hood – Director - Likely Story

Looking for Drama/Arthouse type films, I usually like things with a little humour. Interested in low budget arthouse sci fi. NO action/horror.

Ivor Benjamin

Ivor Benjamin – Director - Kult Fiktion

Looking for a good "hero's journey" that tells a human story. We are also interested in thrillers and stories with a lovely twist. Changing the audience's expectations and getting them "off guard".

I learned so much, had my mind blown, my reality checked and my inspiration sent sky-high

Will Stubbs, Screenwriter

Will Stubbs, Screenwriter