Who will YOU pitch?

Execs, Producers, Directors and Agents at PitchFest 2025.

OK take a deep breath… and check out who you can pitch YOUR projects to this year at The Great British Pitchfest!

Execs will be added from January of 2025.

Who came last time?

Sixty professionals from over fifty companies heard pitches at the last Pitchfest, leading to hundreds of script requests. Execs, Producers, Directors and Agents attended from these companies in past few years.

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Confirmed Execs, Agents, Producers and Directors for 2025


Amory Leader

Amory Leader – Producer & Development Executive | Big Book Media Ltd

Welcoming submissions and pitches from writers for thematic, high concept and elevated genre feature films, also seeking professional / credited writers for rewrites and assignments.

Barry Ryan

Barry Ryan – MD/Creative Director | Free@Last TV

Barry is looking for ideas that surprise, inspire and add new ideas to any genre.

Chris von Daehne

Chris von Daehne – Creative Executive | Envision Entertainment

Our ambition is to create entertaining horror/thriller films with clear high concepts and well developed characters at a sub-$5m budget.

David Walton

David Walton – Head of Development/Producer | Free @ Last TV

David is looking for new ideas and new ways of telling stories. Family drama/ crime procedural/young adult comedy/action - they all must have a strong sense of diversity a 21st century sensibility.

Graham Smith

Graham Smith – Founder | Grand Scheme Media

Interested in scripts with mainstream ambition - think big! Take on the challenge of BBC1, ITV1 and Sky1! Looking for projects to co-produce with the major platforms like Amazon, Netflix and Apple.

Helena Murphy

Helena Murphy – Head of Development - Hartswood Films

Overall we look for broad, mainstream dramas, often with a distinctive twist on genre. Ideas written with warmth and wit. Genres particularly interested in: Crime, relationships dramas, precinct dramas. We wouldn’t be looking to pursue any sci-fi or time

Issy Barber

Issy Barber – Development Executive | Playground Entertainment

What we’re looking for: We’re always looking for a fresh take on a genre, be it a rom-com with a high concept twist, a revisionist spin on a classic, or a thriller with an elevated and authored tone.

Jamal Awar

Jamal Awar – Executive | Heavy Lifting Company

I am particularly excited to engage with writers who bring fresh perspectives and bold ideas to the table, looking forward to discovering stories that resonate and challenge the status quo.

Kayley Loveridge

Kayley Loveridge – International Scripted Development Executive and Executive Producer | Reel One Entertainment

Thrillers inspired by true events. Exploring family dynamics, and how secrets test and push relationships to the limit. Exploring themes of motherhood, including mother & daughter/son relationships. Fast-paced, twisty thrillers with a strong female lead

Luke Foster

Luke Foster – Development Executive | Iron Box Films

Currently seeking projects that tell a compelling story, are in an identifiable genre and which would have international appeal. Ideally with budgets of up to £5m.

Max Hart

Max Hart – Acquisitions & Development Executive | Signature Entertainment

Signature is the leading independent UK film distribution and production company, with releases including THE END WE START FROM starring Jodie Comer, THE NEW BOY starring Cate Blanchett. Looking for high-concept genre projects strong international appeal

May Gibson

May Gibson – Development/Producer - Independent Executive

Low budget, genre-based feature film ideas with strong hook or twist, could be drama or comedy; well written character driven/focused stories for film and TV. Looking for new writing talent that displays a distinctive, authorial voice. Interested in drama

The sheer raw energy bouncing from writer to writer and from room to room was something truly special."

Daniel Martin Eckhart, Screenwriter

Daniel Martin Eckhart, Screenwriter

Hollywood Pitch Execs

Karen Stirgwolt

Karen Stirgwolt – Independent Producer

At LSF she’s representing Fabrica de Cine - the production company behind The Irishman and The Professor and the Madman. Looking for solid scripts of any genre any period

Matthew Jones

Matthew Jones – Director/Producer | Capture

Looking for: Ambitious & sophisticated/elevated genre films. I love science fiction, psychological horror, mystery and adventure. I would love to find a journalistic investigation project similar to All the Presidents men, The Post, Spotlight or Dopesick

I’ve felt like royalty being part of Talent Campus and gained amazing friends along the way."

Sarah Cassidy, Screenwriter, Talent Camper

Sarah Cassidy, Screenwriter, Talent Camper


Alex Lightman

Alex Lightman – Producer/Director | Good Gate Media

Looking for: We are passionate about the future of storytelling, reaching new audiences, and love genre stories told in innovative ways.

Bryony Cunningham

Bryony Cunningham – Producer | Little Island Productions

Looking for: I’m currently only developing dramas, so no films or half hour comedies I’m afraid. Returnables are the ideal, and preferably contemporary and UK based ones.

Carolin Wolfsdorf

Carolin Wolfsdorf – Development Coordinator | Playground Entertainment

What we’re looking for: We’re always looking for a fresh take on a genre, be it a rom-com with a high concept twist, a revisionist spin on a classic, or a thriller with an elevated and authored tone.

Cassandra Sigsgaard

Cassandra Sigsgaard – Producer

What we're looking for: character-driven films that lend themselves to international co-production. Particularly interested in elevated genre, whether thriller, horror or comedy.

Charlotte Wontner

Charlotte Wontner – Producer | Hopscotch Films

Charlotte is keen to work with great talent and to create an imaginative new world where an original and important story can take place whatever the genre.

Daniel-Konrad Cooper

Daniel-Konrad Cooper – Producer | Rather Good Films Ltd

Looking for screenplays that play to the strengths of Independent Cinema - high-concept character-driven stories that can engage and inspire international audiences.

Danny Page

Danny Page – Independent Filmmaker | Homefront Productions

Looking for: Particularly interested in fresh compelling Scottish stories or projects that could be based in Scotland. Preference for true stories.

Ed Gibbs

Ed Gibbs – Producer & Writer

Ed Gibbs is an award-winning producer and writer based in London

Gina Lyons

Gina Lyons – Producer: Gobby Girl Productions

Gina Lyons is an award-winning scripted producer who produced the pilot for In My Skin, which won a BAFTA Cymru award and Dreaming Whilst Black, which was nominated for an International Emmy.

Guy J. Louthan

Guy J. Louthan – Producer | Homefront Productions

Veteran Producer and Executive, Guy J Louthan has planned, packaged, and produced more than 60 feature films and 30 TV productions

Jade Alexander

Jade Alexander – Producer, Little Jade Productions

Little Jade Productions are looking for female focused sci-fi, fantasy and genre projects in film, games and new media. We welcome writers/directors from underrepresented backgrounds. It is preferable to have at least two credits on previous projects

Jonathan Smith

Jonathan Smith – Producer | Kult Fiktion Ltd

Kult Fiktion are looking for TV and FIlm projects as well as short films scripts. Our genres are Sci-fi, thrillers and comedies. We like stories that have strong lead characters, give the audience hope and have a message that is relevant today.

Lincia Daniel

Lincia Daniel – Executive Producer & Producer, TV Drama and Film

Lincia is looking for compelling, original and thought-provoking stories about fascinating characters with fresh perspectives on life. She is passionate about working with diverse talent.

Naomi Wright

Naomi Wright – Producer | Silver Salt Films

We would like to hear about | Film: commercial horror, commercial thriller, action thriller films, action or action thrillers set in Europe (in English), rom coms with an edge TV: crime thrillers with a unique take, unconventional rom coms

Neil Thompson

Neil Thompson – Producer | Fat Pictures

Exciting writers who are passionate about the development process and collaborating in creative ways. We do thrillers in the main in any genre but we lean into dark stories and projects with something to say about our contemporary world. Female led

Robbie Samuels

Robbie Samuels – Producer and Director | superrocketman

Imaginative, or unusual projects with commercial appeal / Sci-fi / Fantastical / Contemporary black fiction

Sarah Boyks

Sarah Boyks – Freelance Producer

I’m looking for stories with heart and humour. A tragic love story, a funny drama or a sci-fi with heart. I am drawn to visual storytelling and multifaceted characters, underdogs that take you on an emotional journey and make you laugh and cry.

Shirani Le Mercier

Shirani Le Mercier – Producer & Founder | Spring Time Films

I would primarily like to hear about any animation projects in the following genres: Family, Action/Adventure, Fantasy, Sci Fi and Comedy. I am happy to give feedback on any live-action pitches.

Stephanie Bamberg

Stephanie Bamberg – Producer | Kult Fiktion Ltd

Currently focused on historical and fantasy Sci-fi genres with big stories that are based on the characters' journeys. We are looking for stories that need to be told now.

Vadim Jean

Vadim Jean – Writer, Producer & Director | MobFilm

I’m primarily looking for feature film comedy scripts or half hour TV comedy pilots.

ITV want us to go in and pitch them a full series overview for our TV Drama, and Carnaby are really keen to work with us to develop our second TV series idea. Amazing!"

Gareth Meredith, Screenwriter

Gareth Meredith, Screenwriter


Anna Myrmus

Anna Myrmus – Associate Media Agent | Blake Friedmann Agency

We’re interested in TV ideas which use familiar genres in exciting and intriguing ways. For example, what’s a new spin on a Procedural, or a main character we haven’t seen before at the heart of a Thriller?

Emilie Loldrup

Emilie Loldrup – Agent | Kitson Press Associates

Representing writers, producers and development staff working in Television, Film, Theatre and Radio

Meet The Experts is a great place to test the strength of your project."

Marcia Do Vales, Screenwriter

Marcia Do Vales, Screenwriter


Fabia Martin

Fabia Martin – Director & Writer

I'd like to hear about projects that use humour in interesting ways to explore current themes and social trends - this could be straight comedy or comedy-thriller, sci-fi-comedy, comedy-horror mashups. I'm particuarly interested in female-led stories

Hannah Berry George

Hannah Berry George – Director & Writer

I’m looking for: Comedies that are dramatic and dramas that are funny.

Isaac Tomiczek

Isaac Tomiczek – Writer and Director

I’m particularly interested in BIPOC and female led stories. I would love to hear: pitches for high-concept genre projects (sci-fi, horror, action, adventure), that are identifiably British or European in tone and setting.

Martin Stocks

Martin Stocks – Filmmaker | Head of Narrative at Fusebox Games

Interested in hearing pitches for comedy, thriller and genre projects, as well as any writers interested in writing for the interactive fiction and mobile gaming sectors.

Rob Holder

Rob Holder – Independent Director

Fable Makers are a talented roster of directors who are adorned with skills spanning across television, films, social media, rich content and commercials. 

LSF feeds the head, heart and soul with ideas, experience and knowledge."

Terry Concannon, Writer

Terry Concannon, Writer