Who will YOU pitch?

Execs, Producers, Directors and Agents at PitchFest 2024.

OK take a deep breath… and check out who you can pitch YOUR projects to this year at The Great British Pitchfest!

Execs will be added from January of 2024.

Who came last time?

Sixty professionals from over fifty companies heard pitches at the last Pitchfest, leading to hundreds of script requests. Execs, Producers, Directors and Agents attended from these companies in past few years.

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Confirmed Execs, Agents, Producers and Directors for 2024


Alexei Slater

Alexei Slater – Filmmaker - Turn The Slate Productions

Alexei has several projects in development. This year he is looking to advise writers on making the step into short films of all types, writing for shorts, assembling a team and tackling festivals and distribution.

Amory Leader

Amory Leader – Producer & Development Executive | Big Book Media Ltd

Welcoming submissions and pitches from writers for thematic, high concept and elevated genre feature films, also seeking professional / credited writers for rewrites and assignments.

Barry Ryan

Barry Ryan – MD/Creative Director | Free@Last TV

Barry is looking for ideas that surprise, inspire and add new ideas to any genre.

Celi Fowler

Celi Fowler – BBC Writers & Drama Commissioning Executive

LOOKING FOR: With our slate, we are particularly interested in any projects with Welsh portrayal and Welsh writers/ directors attached. We are mainly looking to commission in the 9pm hour-long slot for BBC One and also BBC Three at 9pm.

David Walton

David Walton – Head of Development/Producer | Free @ Last TV

David is looking for new ideas and new ways of telling stories. Family drama/ crime procedural/young adult comedy/action - they all must have a strong sense of diversity a 21st century sensibility.

Graham Smith

Graham Smith – Founder, Grand Scheme Media

Interested in scripts with mainstream ambition - think big! Take on the challenge of BBC1, ITV1 and Sky1! Looking for projects to co-produce with the major platforms like Amazon, Netflix and Apple.

Luke Foster

Luke Foster – Development Executive | Iron Box Films

Currently seeking projects that tell a compelling story, are in an identifiable genre and which would have international appeal. Ideally with budgets of up to £5m.

Three days after it ended, I may have hooked an agent, and five different projects are being read in the UK, US, Germany and Japan..."

Stephen Potts, Screenwriter

Stephen Potts, Screenwriter

Hollywood Pitch Execs

Karen Stirgwolt

Karen Stirgwolt – Independent Producer

At LSF she’s representing Fabrica de Cine - the production company behind The Irishman and The Professor and the Madman. Looking for solid scripts of any genre any period

One of the best weeks of my life."

Monique Amado, Writer

Monique Amado, Writer


Cassandra Sigsgaard

Cassandra Sigsgaard – Producer

Cassandra has a passion for original stories by visionary filmmakers who challenge boundaries and preconceptions

Daniel-Konrad Cooper

Daniel-Konrad Cooper – Producer | Rather Good Films Ltd

Looking for screenplays that play to the strengths of Independent Cinema - high-concept character-driven stories that can engage and inspire international audiences.

Ed Gibbs

Ed Gibbs – Producer & Writer

Ed Gibbs is an award-winning producer and writer based in London

Lincia Daniel

Lincia Daniel – Independent Producer

Lincia Daniel has produced for the BBC, Channel Four, the Discovery Channel and ITV.

Max Hart

Max Hart – Producer: Signature Entertainment

Max has produced two short films, the most recent of which won a shorts festival in the US, also screening in the UK, Canada and Italy.

Nikolai Galitzine

Nikolai Galitzine – Producer | Advantage Pictures

Seeking sci-fi, political drama, art house, European thriller, experimental mixed drama/documentary (not drama-docs), historical, westerns.

Shirani Le Mercier

Shirani Le Mercier – Producer & Founder | Spring Time Films

Currently seeking: Live action - Adventure, thriller, sci-fi, comedy/romcom, family. Animation: Family/fantasy.

Stephanie Bamberg

Stephanie Bamberg – Producer | Kult Fiktion Ltd

Currently focused on historical and fantasy Sci-fi genres with big stories that are based on the characters' journeys. We are looking for stories that need to be told now.

The festival was an absolute triumph – top flight and brimming with inspiration and enthusiasm... superb!"

Barbara Machin, BAFTA-Winning Screenwriter

Barbara Machin, BAFTA-Winning Screenwriter


Abid Khan

Abid Khan – Producer & Director | EyeFive Films

EyeFive Films is the home of writer, producer, editor and director Abid Khan. EyeFive aims to produce content with international appeal about self-discovery, identity and coming-of-age, with a particular focus on diverse talents and stories.

Ben Mole

Ben Mole – Independent Writer/Director/Producer

Ben is looking for writers with high-concept, very contained scripts.

Rob Holder

Rob Holder – Independent Director

Fable Makers are a talented roster of directors who are adorned with skills spanning across television, films, social media, rich content and commercials. 

"Being a writer can be a lonely business. LSF is a reminder that we are all in the same boat."

Jacqueline Davies, Writer & Podcaster, Cardiff

Jacqueline Davies, Writer & Podcaster, Cardiff