Who will YOU pitch?

Execs, Producers, Directors and Agents at PitchFest 2020

OK take a deep breath… and check out who you can pitch YOUR projects to this year at The Great British Pitchfest!

Execs will be added in late Summer.

Who came last time?

Sixty professionals from over fifty companies heard pitches at the last Pitchfest, leading to hundreds of script requests. Execs, Producers, Directors and Agents attended from these companies in past few years.

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Confirmed Execs, Agents, Producers and Directors for 2020


Alexei Slater

Alexei Slater – Filmmaker - Turn The Slate Productions

Alexei has several projects in development. This year he is looking to advise writers on making the step into short films of all types, writing for shorts, assembling a team and tackling festivals and distribution.

Barry Ryan

Barry Ryan – MD/Creative Director | Free @ Last TV

Barry is looking for ideas that surprise, inspire and add new ideas to any genre.

Beth Warin

Beth Warin – Development Executive, Dancing Ledge

Founded in 2016, Dancing Ledge Productions is developing and producing TV and film projects for Dave/UKTV, Channel 4, Sky, BBC, ITV, Film 4 and the History Channel.

Cecily Swason

Cecily Swason – Development Assistant, Goldfinch

The Goldfinch brand provides a vertically integrated global business model with expertise across finance, production, facilities and management in film, TV and video games.

Christine Hartland

Christine Hartland – Producer - Patchwork Productions

Interested in thrillers and comedies. No horror.

Georgina Sherrington

Georgina Sherrington – Development Producer - TV Drama

Looking for ambitious writers with big, purposeful stories to tell. International / cross-border storytelling a plus.

Graham Smith

Graham Smith – Founder, Grand Scheme Media

Interested in scripts with mainstream ambition - think big! Take on the challenge of BBC1, ITV1 and Sky1! Looking for projects to co-produce with the major platforms like Amazon, Netflix and Apple.

Guy Gadney

Guy Gadney – Founder, To Play For

Looking for strong dialogue and character-driven stories which can be brought to life as immersive interactive experiences across mobile and games platforms.

Hattie Burles

Hattie Burles – Acquisitions Executive - DCD Rights

Interested in bold and compelling drama series for international audiences. Bonus points for crime/thriller elements, well-developed characters and returnable series.

Luke Foster

Luke Foster – Development Executive, Iron Box Films

Currently seeking projects that tell a compelling story, are in an identifiable genre and which would have international appeal. Ideally with budgets of up to £5m.

Lyndon Baldock

Lyndon Baldock – Founder, Templeheart Films

Looking for character-driven thrillers, elevated horrors and high-concept scripts. Low to mid budget ranges.

Maggie Liang

Maggie Liang – Executive Producer, The Media Pioneers

Seeking film and TV drama scripts set in China, with Chinese elements or with the potential to be adapted into Chinese.

Paul Sukhija

Paul Sukhija – Development - Aimimage Productions

Low-med budget film proposals: there is a wide range of things we would consider, from personal dramas with GREAT characters to genre ideas that don’t feel off-the-shelf and we are particularly keen to hear stories told from a female perspective.

Sarah Laita

Sarah Laita – Producers' Assistant, Electric Shadow Company

Open to many genres but currently working on psychological thriller, horror and YA scripts for film and television.

Sidney Malik

Sidney Malik – Producer, ERA Film Studios

Looking for horror film concepts from female directors, virtual reality film concepts and horror feature film and TV series

Thembisa Cochrane

Thembisa Cochrane – Development Executive, Spier Films

Seeking entertaining stories and quality, performance-driven drama with genre elements, particularly European co-productions.

LSF has done a wonderful job at fostering a tight-knit global community of screenwriters. Truly a memorable and worthwhile experience."

Nicole Perlman, 'Guardians of the Galaxy'

Nicole Perlman,


Connor O

Connor O'Hara – Producer, LowKey Films

Founded by Connor O’Hara and Jamie Gamache, Lowkey has established itself as one of the fastest growing production companies in the UK.

Cynthia De Souza

Cynthia De Souza – Head of TV, Sharp House

Sharp House are producers and boutique financiers of independent film and TV with a passion for commercially driven content that pushes creative boundaries.

Dan Kemp

Dan Kemp – Executive Producer, Make Films

Make Films are keen to hear about scripts that would appeal to 18-30 year old audiences, narrative-led VR shorts, and are open to anything unique and character-driven, ideally low budget.

Jade Alexander

Jade Alexander – Producer, Little Jade Productions

Looking for Genre projects only: Sci-fi, Horror, Fantasy and other genre projects.

James Moore

James Moore – Producer/Director - Make Films

Make Films are keen to hear about scripts that would appeal to 18-30 year old audiences, narrative-led VR shorts, and are open to anything unique and character-driven, ideally low budget.

Luke Kaile

Luke Kaile – Producer, Blood &Tweed

Luke together with Luke Mordue (of Mordue Pictures) put together the feature film Criminal Audition, which stars a diverse cast led by Noeleen Comiskey (Netflix’s The Beyond).

Luke Mordue

Luke Mordue – Producer, Mordue Pictures

Mordue Pictures has had a series of successful short films alongside a micro-budget feature film Fallen Angels, made possible with backing from Sir Ian McKellen.

Marcia Do Vales

Marcia Do Vales – Producer, Enmar Productions

One of the UK’s brightest horror genre imports, Brazilian-born Marcia is looking for strong female-driven dramas/thrillers, action/adventure, posh horrors and high-concept scripts.

Nikolai Galitzine

Nikolai Galitzine – Producer, Advantage Pictures

Seeking sci-fi, political drama, art house, European thriller, experimental mixed drama/documentary (not drama-docs), historical, westerns.

Paul Thompstone

Paul Thompstone – Producer, Ion Films

Founded in 2019 by Paul Thompstone (Producer) and Hector Moss (Writer), Ion Films' primary goal is to develop, produce and deliver high-concept feature films to the ever-growing market.

Vaughan Sivell

Vaughan Sivell – Producer, Western Edge Pictures

WEP is a multi-award winning independent production company based in London and West Wales. Its current slate includes production and development in film, TV, theatre and digital media.

Neil Thompson

Neil Thompson – Producer, Formosa Films

Looking for fresh, compelling, contemporary thrillers and high-concept comedies.

A great variety of perspectives from Hollywood legends to contemporaries, both industry and craft. Helped me turn my long-grounded script on its head, firing me with enthusiasm!"

Giles Sparrow, Writer, @gswrites

Giles Sparrow, Writer, @gswrites


Gary Wild

Gary Wild – Agent - JFL Agency

We specialise in TV drama/comedy but have a growing interest in film. We value writers who demonstrate an awareness of the genres and markets for which they’re writing. General preference for scripts that have something to say about contemporary Britiain

The Pitchfest resulted in nine requests for our script, which is really exciting."

Jo Fox, Screenwriter

Jo Fox, Screenwriter


Ben Mole

Ben Mole – Director/Producer, Core Films

Looking for high-concept, speculative fiction stories – fantasy, horror, sci-fi, thriller, and period drama. He is also specifically seeking a contained WW2 action adventure for production in 2020.

Jo Southwell

Jo Southwell – Director - Aston Productions

Looking for TV and FILM content with strong gritty emotional pull, adaptations and action.

I really enjoyed the PitchFest and meeting writers face to face."

Rebecca Long, Financier, Producer

Rebecca Long, Financier, Producer