Can you write a killer one-pager? The feedback is in…

We just wrapped the very first Killer One Pager worksop with Bob Schultz, and while we did enthusiastially run over, we also guiided the 16 screenwriters present through a very practical process that will take any story and turn it into that all important one pager.

The next one is at the end of November and has just a few places left… Here’s what the writers said about this one…

‘This workshop does exactly what it says on the tin. You WILL come away with your one-pager DONE.’
Trish Curtin, Screenwriter

‘The alternating between the practical (actual writing) and the theory was great. I like this ten step method, it’s abstract / open enough to use as a model to structure my story, as opposed to some of the structure models that I find constrictive. I now have a set-up for a project, that didn’t get past the initial idea!’
Susan Vermeer, Screenwriter

‘The workshop was exactly the butt-kick I needed to get crafting the one-pager for my feature. The time-based writing exercises are the only way to bypass procrastination and nail the ideas that you have been mulling over. We all know that the eternal mulling has to stop one day and writing the one pager has to happen. This workshop is that day.’
Brid Cannon, Screenwriter

‘The workshop crystallised so many ideas e.g. the idea that within a story no victory comes without sacrifice, or that an inciting incident is just that – an incident, not a process, or that you’re allowed one coincidence per story. Just brilliant ideas that I can carry forward with me into my writing. Thank you! Bob is just wonderful – I learnt so much from every minute of this course! It was inspiring, packed with knowledge and insight and fun. I can’t recommend highly enough. Thank you!’
Varsha Shah, Screenwriter

‘I took the plunge and read out my segments to Bob and I’m very grateful for it. He picked up on the shortfalls and was quick to offer ways to improve them.’
Alison Hogge, Filmmaker

‘I’ve not only got of a one pager, I’ve actually pulled my storyline together! Thank you so much, Bob!’
Liz Holliday, Screenwriter

‘Bob helped me identify what REALLY has to go in that one-pager and I ended up with a great first draft with clear directions of where to proceed with it’
Rachael Howar, Screenwriter

‘Clear and concise and gives good constructive feedback throughout the session which can be applied. I need to do one pagers for my other screenplays and I now have the confidence to do this with ease’
Jocelyn Harrold, Screenwriter

You can read more HERE and sign up below.

Chris Jones