Deadline Friday 20th Nov: Write A Bedtime Story and Help Save Our Festival

There’s four days left to write your bedtime story for children, for a book of 25 stories to be published for Christmas AND performed by Santa to be released one a day in the run to Christmas.

This whole challenge is a way to get us all dreaming, creating, writing during this difficult time… and in doing so bring more light to the world. In the process you will also be helping save the London Screenwriters’ Festival which has been hit hard by Covid. We have a video about the initiative now too, where you can see Santa and get the full lowdown on the whole process.

Watch the video, read more and get involved here…

If you have any writer friends, please please please share this message with them so that we can reach far and wide.

Thank you so much in advance.

How exciting!

Chris Jones

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