LondonSWF Podcast: Ep003 Meet Filmmaker Pat Higgins


Welcome to the London Screenwriters Festival podcast, episode 3. In this episode, Amy Livingstone, a screenwriter and long-term LSF delegate, is joined by the superbly magnificent (this is true, he is) Pat Higgins, a screenwriter and director with over 20 years of experience in the industry.

The Genesis Behind “My Conscience is Clear”

Pat Higgins shares the origin of his sign-off phrase and how it became a part of his persona.

Making Time for Writing

Pat discusses the importance of compartmentalizing and prioritizing different aspects of life to make time for writing and other important activities.

Navigating the Screenwriting Process

Pat shares his insights on approaching the screenwriting process, emphasizing the importance of structure and theme in crafting a compelling script.

The Power of Social Media

  • Pat talks about the impact of social media in running a successful crowdfunding campaign for his film, “Power Tool Cheerleaders versus the Boy Band of the Screeching Dead.”
  • He also shares how he uses social media as a creative scratchpad to generate jokes and ideas for his scripts.

Writing Songs for Films

  • Pat discusses his collaboration with musician Phil Sheldon and his role in writing the lyrics for the songs in his films.
  • He talks about the process of creating horrifying acoustic demos and how Phil Sheldon transforms them into magnificent musical pieces.

The Journey of Filmmaking

  • Pat shares the journey of making his first film, “Trash House,” and the challenges he faced during production and post-production.
  • He also discusses the importance of budgeting and finding a niche audience for indie filmmakers.

Representation in the Industry

  • Pat shares his experiences with having and not having an agent in the industry.
  • He discusses the pros and cons of representation and the importance of finding an agent who understands and aligns with your vision.

Tips for Filmmakers and Writers

Pat shares his top 5 tips for filmmakers and writers:

  1. Always treat everybody with kindness and respect.
  2. Read as much as you possibly can, especially scripts.
  3. Use whatever system works for you and stick to it.
  4. Write from the stuff that you genuinely care about.
  5. Don’t ever give up.


In this episode, Pat Higgins provides valuable insights into the screenwriting process, time management, the role of social media in the industry, the journey of filmmaking, and the importance of representation. His experiences and tips offer valuable guidance for aspiring screenwriters and filmmakers looking to make their mark in the industry.

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