Feedback 2010

  • 880664467 ‘It’s been an excellent experience for me – I feel inspired, encouraged, exhausted, educated, informed and I leave feeling that I can improve and achieve so much more’
    TRISHA HOPKINS – Writer, Formby
  • Closeup ‘I journeyed from Switzerland to be part of the LSF and it’s definitely been worth it. The sheer raw energy bouncing from writer to writer and from room to room was something truly special. The conference was, in my opinion, as inspiring to fresh writers as it was to established ones’
    DANIEL MARTIN ECKHART – Writer, Switzerland
  • 880664467‘I was in heaven- surrounded by other writers, able to discuss writing all day for three whole days, meeting producers and directors and getting a wealth of tips and information that it probably would have taken years to have gathered on my own’
    JUDY COOPER – Writer
  • Photoon20100305at16.09 ‘My brain has never been so well fed and I have come away from it full of enthusiasm, determination and a definite surge in self-belief’
    EMMA CURTIS – Writer
  • VanessaMayfieldHeadshot ‘There was a great atmosphere, a long list of incredible speakers, and everyone was so friendly and happy to help, not to be missed!’
  • Schmeee ‘As a producer and financier on the look-out for new projects, I found it surpassed my expectations. I only wish I could’ve been there for the full three days and met more aspiring and experienced screenwriters’
  • ConfusedBLUEEYES ‘…my pitching improved exponentially…three days immersed in a sea of marvelously passionate people.  It’s energizing’
    LEE APSEY – Writer, Leeds
  • 001 ‘Meeting other writers and forming friendships and a support network is essential to mental survival’
    MICKY McGUINESS – Writer, Brighton
  • 880664467‘I got something out of every session but by far my favorite sessions were the ones where I learnt something that improved my writing skills’
    LORREN BONIFACE – Writer, Leicester
  • Adam7bwsmall ‘A great festival – learned and re-affirmed a lot…I’m sure 2011 will be amazing and I look forward to it already’
    ADAM ETHERIDGE – Writer / Director, Bristol
  • KatyPrague ‘I found the whole festival exciting, inspiring and fun…I came away feeling much more positive about my writing and with renewed inspiration and motivation’
    KATY SEGROVE – Writer, London
  • JanePLUSNAME ‘It widened my perspective on how to actually make money from writing’
    JANE FOSTER – Writer / Director / Producer, London
  • Scott2 ‘I’ve taken away so, so many useful hints and tips about how the industry works and how to present yourself properly.  Inspired me to come back in 12 months time to make even better use of the opportunities available’
    SCOTT MARTIN – TV Production / Aspiring Writer
  • Standingwebsmall ‘I have a fuller understanding of my way forward. I know that I am not alone and one of many and also that I am in a better position to judge the quality and saleability of my screenplay’
    DAVID WAUGH – Writer
  • 880664467‘Exciting atmosphere – you get as much out of this as you put in… the quality and intensity of the presentations / discussions has moved me on significantly’
    GORDON SLACK – Writer, Salisbury
  • DJ11July10 ‘There are too many nuggets of advice, chance meetings and great opportunities to list.  It has been very inspiring and helped me decide what not to do as much as what I want to do’
    DARREN JONES – Writer, London
  • Carlaheadshot1 ‘The festival gave me a chance to look at various screenwriting markets, get feedback on my ideas and make contacts’
    CARLA GRAULS – Writer, London
  • 880664467‘Energising! I have a great sense of direction now, of being included, of real potential’
    FELICITY McCALL – Writer, Northern Ireland
  • DegreeShowPhotos2202 ‘It was great having a ‘free’ chat with speakers after the sessions. I’ve learnt it’s all in my hands – not someone elses, I’m going to do more.  You have given us all a fantastic festival’
    JAN BROWN – Writer / Film Maker, Liverpool
  • 880664467‘Wonderful community feeling…made me aware that writing scripts is possible, no matter who you are or whatever your background’
    ELIZABETH SWAN – Writer, Lancashire
  • 880664467‘Experienced some great sessions from well respected writers about how they got to where they are now. This will help me plan where I focus my efforts going forward and what I can expect to come up against along the way’
    JONATHAN REES – Writer, London
  • Selfportrait07.10 ‘Too many great events on at the same time!  (A great problem to have…!)’
    JONATHAN BART – Writer / Director, London
  • 880664467‘The festival was an excellent networking opportunity and actually helped me realise what the do’s and don’ts of screenwriting, pitching and networking are’
    CHRISTINA GEORGIOU – Writer / Composer, Cyprus
  • CRW_0262 ‘I had the realisation that fear has held me back, fear of rejection, of failure, of not knowing anyone. I will be writing on Monday!’
    STEVE BOOKBINDER – Writer / Director, London