Feedback 2011

  •  Tanya Lees‘An extraordinary event that put the writer – as an individual and as a group – at the centre of the event, and met the needs of all, from the most hesitant emerging talent to the most hard bitten’
    Tanya Lees – Screenwriter, London
  • Jan Caston‘Things have been bubbling up beautifully for me after LSF – thanks for all the doors it opened’
    Jan Caston – Screenwriter, UK
  • Andrew James Carterthe perfect balance between exhilaration and exhaustion’
    Andrew James Carter – Screenwriter, UK
  • Kirsty PatersonFantastic opportunity to meet and engage with peers and industry professionals. Brilliant atmosphere and everyone came away excited to be writing.’
    Kirsty Paterson – Screenwriter, UK
  • Tommy Haymes‘I love the fact that most of the sessions I missed have been recorded.
    Emma – Screenwriter, UK
  • Andy Wright‘Where else can you queue up for lunch with Edgar Wright and Joe Cornish stood next to you?’
    Andy Wright – Screenwriter, UK
  • Anton Russell‘Insightful sessions, big named speakers, talented delegates. Totally fantastic!’
    Anton Russell – Screenwriter, London
  • Jenny MontgomerySome of the sessions were worth the whole price of the ticket alone’
    Jenny Montgomery – Screenwriter, London
  • Stephen Potts‘three days after it ended, I may have hooked an agent, and five different projects are being read in the UK, US, Germany and Japan’
    Stephen Potts – Screenwriter, Scotland
  • Tommy HaymesTo have been in the presence of so many professionals was enough, but to interact with them on a social level gave me so much more.’
    Tommy Haymes – Writer, Hull, East Yorks
  • Tina Steffan‘I came out of the LSF with a clear plan what I need to do next, greater confidence about my work and amazing new contacts and friends’
    Tina Steffan – Screenwriter, Germany
  • Sangeeta Bhargava‘It was so well organised, with attention paid to every little detail.’
    Sangeeta Bhargava – Screenwriter, UK
  • Tommy Haymes‘LSF is three days of energised, productive, no bullshit screenwriting heaven! I was continually impressed by the drive and professionalism of all the delegates combined with the quality and broad range of the lectures, workshops and scriptchats. And all in such a happy atmosphere.
    “Screenwriting cocaine” Gordon Slack – Screenwriter,Cheltenham
  • Gail Hackston‘The London Screenwriters Festival is, without doubt, THE landmark point in the screenwriters calendar. The quality of the speakers, immersive nature of the setting and the openness of other writers to talk and collaborate made the experience uniquely special. If you are serious about screenwriting and breaking into the business, you’d be a fool to miss this. Go to it, commit to being part of it and use it as a springboard to get your career to the next level’
    Gail Hackston – Screenwriter, London
  • Tommy Haymes‘Literally game changing. It pushed me in so many ways. The networking was almost like a film itself, with all these great characters on their own journeys.  Craft-wise, it was an eye-opening experience. I can’t put a figure on the value of this experience.’
    Andy – Writer, Chelmsford Essex
  • Rudolf Kremers‘Great sessions, direct contact with industry heavy weights, fellow professionals and newcomers, a great venue, a terrific online network… the list is endless. But what really makes it shine is that you leave the festival with a clear sense of purpose. That is why I will come back next year.’
    Rudolf Kremers – Screenwriter, UK
  • Alec Rossiter‘I got so used to speaking with everyone that sat next to me that when I got on the train home I felt like I had to talk to my neighbour’
    Alec Rossiter – Screenwriter, London
  • Sara Lee Bentley‘I was impressed by everything — from the caliber of the speakers and their willingness to provide all delegates with insider tips and info, as well as by the amazingly helpful LSF team who put it all together! On Sunday evening, I left Regents College extremely inspired and couldn’t wait to get back in front of my computer screen and back to work on my scripts!’
    Sara Lee Bentley – Screenwriter, London
  • Teenie Russell‘The Festival was even more amazing than I expected it to be. There was a good variety of sessions and guests, making it hard at times to choose which session to go to next. I was pleasantly surprised by the level of networking not only between delegates but also speakers, who were all very approachable and happy to help out with tips, advice and inspiring stories’
    Teenie Russell – Screenwriter, London
  • tamima bukhari‘I cant wait for the next one’
    Tamima – Screenwriter, UK
  • tamima bukhariAn amazing, amazing, amazing few days! I can’t begin to tell you how career-changing it was, from the pure inspiration of the speakers to meeting all the delegates…
    Tom Kerevan – Screenwriter, UK